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Feb. 26-28 in La Crosse, Wis.


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MOSES 2014 Highlights

LaCrosse ProclamationCity of La Crosse Mayor Proclaims Feb. 28, 2014 “Organic Farming Conference Day.”


Above:  Theresa Podoll and David Podoll tell the story of their two families’ farms in Fullerton, N.D. The extended Podoll family was named the 2014 MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year.

Above:  In her MOSES2014 keynote, activist and author Anna Lappé tells farmers that organic farming is “climate-smart farming.” She explains the connection between the industrial food system and global climate change.

Above:  Permaculture guru Mark Shepard (Restoration Agriculture) explains how farmers can work with nature to transform their farms into systems that produce food sustainably and involve less work. He calls on organic farmers to share their stories, which are critical to the future of humanity, and to continue to change the American farming system.

Above: Journalist Alan Guebert talks about failings of the U.S. food policy, recommending that organic farmers invite policymakers to dinner over plates of “real” food—that’s how to make policy change happen.

Above: Faye Jones, MOSES Executive Director, explains how the conference started, how it has grown, and where she sees it heading.

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News clips:

Another year, another successful conference
Agrinews March 19
LA CROSSE, Wis. — The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service wrapped up another successful Organic Farming Conference on March 1.

More than 3,400 people from across the United States and beyond traveled to La Crosse for the conference’s 25th year, filling more than 66 workshop sessions, the trade show floor and dining hall at the La Crosse Center. Read more…

Villard family builds upon HOPE award
Pope County Tribune March 18
In 2012, the Ruegemer family of Villard won the Horizon Organic Producer Education (HOPE) award. The award honored the Ruegemer family for building the organic community by sharing their story and inspiring others to transition to organic production.

Pete Ruegemer and his daughter, Sara Ruegemer, recently continued their work of spreading the word about the benefits of organic production at the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) organic farming conference in La Crosse, Wis. Read more…

Organic Farming: Is It Mainlining Joy?
Center for a Livable Future March 13
Last week I had the great good fortune to attend the Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The conference was a gathering of young and old, men and women, experienced farmers, and those new to the game, all united in their belief that we can have an agricultural system that nurtures land and people rather than the current industrial model that tends to favor profit above all else. Read more…

Fraternity of farming
Agweek March 10
When Theresa Podoll began in organic farming 30 years ago, its practitioners were few and far between. Its ranks have grown since then, but the sense of purpose and community remains strong, she says. “The success our farm has had wouldn’t be possible without the community of sharing and learning and knowledge,” she says. Read more…

Organic conference attendees look to next 25 years
The Country Today March 7
The road less traveled is rarely an easy one — a lesson most organic farmers know all too well.

A record number of organic farmers — nearly 3,400 — gathered Feb. 27-28 in La Crosse to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Organic Farming Conference, the nation’s largest gathering of its kind. The conference has grown every year since the inaugural event, which kicked off with 90 farmers. Read more…

Northfield CSA farmers attend 25th Annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference
Northfield News March 7
Karla Pankow and Elizabeth Millard of Bossy Acres in Northfield attended the 25th annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference − the largest organic farming conference in America − last weekend in La Crosse, Wis., where they presented on relationship marketing. Read more…

Reflections on the MOSES Conference
Clear Creek Organics  March 7
I’m sitting on an airplane on my way back from an amazing time at the MOSES Organic Farm Conference: 3 days with 3,300 organic farmers—wow! Talk about some powerful energy in the room. Each day was filled with workshops, documentary showings, farmer round-tables, “ask-an-expert” time slots, endless networking opportunities, and really great food. Shortly after arriving I realized how unlikely it would be for me to do everything I hoped to do. To say that the conference was overwhelming would be a gross understatement. But it wasn’t just overwhelming because of the number of things that there were to do or see; the excitement and passion for organic farming was equally overwhelming. Read more…

Organic conference shows industry’s growth
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 5
The 25th annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference, the largest organic farming conference in America, attracted about 3,400 farmers to La Crosse recently, illustrating the dramatic growth of organic agriculture.

The conference has grown every year since its beginnings 25 years ago — the first conference had only 90 attendees. The growth in conference attendance and popularity coincides with the growth of the organic movement in the nation. Read more…

2014 Organic Farmers of the Year: The Podoll family
Agri-View  March 4
North Dakota seed and grain farmers, David, Ginger, Dan and Theresa Podoll of Prairie Road Organic Farm and Seed in Fullerton, N.D., are the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) 2014 Organic Farmers of the Year. Read more…

The Land Connection  March 3
The Land Connection went to the MOSES (Midwest Organic Sustainable Educational Service) conference this weekend. The social media platform Twitter became a vital ingredient of the trip. Cara mandated we tweet for MOSES, so Jeff and I were thrown into the deep end of the social media pool. On Tuesday, before we left and were in the office downloading it to our phones it seemed so foreign and confusing, but after using it for nearly a week, I’m not-so-secretly appreciative of being forced into the 21st century. Read more…

The State of Organic Farming, From Yesterday to Tomorrow
Mother Earth News  March 3
I was lucky enough to attend the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) 25th Anniversary Conference in La Crosse, Wis., this past weekend (Feb. 27 to March 1, 2014). The conference began a quarter-century ago with just 90 attendees, compared with the more than 3,000 organic farmers and growers who attended this year’s event. As Faye Jones, the executive director of MOSES exclaimed several times over the weekend, “This is the largest organic farming conference in the known universe!” Read more…

Moses Organic Farming Conference attracts over 3,000 attendees
Morning Ag Clips  March 2
The 25th annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference, the largest organic farming conference in America, attracted about 3,400 farmers to La Crosse, WI this weekend, illustrating the dramatic growth of organic agriculture. Read more…

Cultivating success: Organic farmers evolve from disdain to acclaim
La Crosse Tribune  Feb. 28
Time was, organic farmers hid their talents under a bushel basket because of the critical disdain heaped upon them.

These days, they have cultivated enough critical acclaim to draw nearly 3,400 farmers, researchers and educators to the 25th annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference at the La Crosse Center. Read more…

Thousands of organic farmers gather in Wisconsin
The Associated Press  Feb. 28
(This story distributed by the Associated Press was picked up by media outlets across the country.)
Two North Dakota couples were honored Friday for their work in conserving seeds during a conference that drew 3,400 organic farmers, researchers and others to Wisconsin.

The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service honored brothers David and Dan Podell and their wives as its farmers of the year in part because of their national reputation as experts in preserving seeds. Read more…

Organic Farmers Want to Grow Profits in Addition to Healthy Foods
Milwaukee Public Radio  Feb. 28
Among the myriad of topics organic farmers are discussing at the MOSES conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin is how to stay small and make a profit.

Janet Gamble is one of the MOSES presenters. She runs a 14-acre organic farm in Walworth County. Gamble has been growing organically for three decades. She took over this farm, five years ago, and can read every inch of its past. Read more…

New report profiles UW-Madison organic agriculture research
UW Extension  Feb. 28
University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists are engaged in a wide range of research related to organic agricultural production practices, according to a new report released on Feb. 28 at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference in La Crosse….  The scientists are evaluating production practices for many of the state’s main agricultural products — dairy forages and pasture, soybeans, potatoes, vegetables and fruits, among others — as well as farm management and marketing. Read more…

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