MOSES is a 501(c)(3)

nonprofit organization,

which is qualified to receive

tax-deductible donations.

AnnaLappe40766“To take on the climate crisis, we need more organic and sustainable farmer-heroes. Your donation to MOSES nurtures the farmer-heroes we need to grow our food and heal our planet.

Thank you for joining with me to support this incredible organization!”

ANNA LAPPÉ | Author/Founder/Director
Real Food Media Project & Small Planet Institute and Fund

Read Anna’s appeal letter on behalf of MOSES.

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Here’s what your donation supports:

• Farmers who grow without toxic pesticides—better for you and the environment.
• Farmers who grow sustainably using good-for-the-earth organic practices.
• Farmers making the switch to organic production, which takes knowledge and support from others who have experience.

To help these farmers grow, MOSES provides:

MOSES Organic Farming Conference
On-farm Organic Field Days
Organic Answer Line
Organic Fact Sheets
Land Link-Up & Organic Classifieds
Organic Broadcaster newspaper
Organic Link enews
Guidebook for Organic Certification
Upper Midwest Organic Resource Directory
Fearless Farm Finances
book & blog
Farmer-to-Farmer Mentoring
New Organic Stewards
Rural Women’s Project
Organic Research Forum
Farm policy work


Farmers rely on MOSES for practical advice, education, and inspiration.
MOSES relies on YOU for funding.

Thank you for helping MOSES to empower farmers to grow using organic and sustainable farming practices.

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