Organic Field Day

CRP land transitioned

Converting CRP Land to Organic

O’Lynch Dairy
Cascade, Iowa

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
CRP land in crops







25 guests joined host Marvin Lynch, an organic dairy farmer from Cascade, Iowa for a discussion on transitioning CRP (Conservation Reserve Program) land into organic production. Marvin, who milks 80 cows and needed more land to reduce his feed purchases, found 94 acres of former CRP ground for rent in 2013. The landowners specifically reached out to Marvin because they wanted the land to be kept organic. The land had been in CRP for 30 years, and like all fallow land, required extra planning and work to bring back into production. Marvin was joined by Midwestern Bio-Ag consultants Al Steger and Bob Yanda, who helped Marvin through the process.

MOSES also unveiled a new fact sheet: Converting CRP Land to Organic Production

This field day was made possible by a grant from the USDA RMA and is co-sponsored by Midwestern Bio-Ag of Iowa and Organic Valley.


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