Organic Field Day

Diversified Markets Field Day

Foxtail Farm
Osceola, Wisconsin

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Paul and Chris Burkhouse have found a unique niche operating a winter CSA. The Burkhouses plant for later harvest of fresh vegetables, and also include frozen and vacuum-packed vegetables, breads, soups, and other value-added products in their winter CSA boxes. They have rebuilt the basement of their barn to include three walk-in storage spaces, each with features to keep temperatures just right for specific vegetables.

Paul and Chris gave our group some great tips on buying a farm, building a certified kitchen, weed control and equipment. Here are a few of their recommendations:

  • Know what you’re buying before you buy it. Take into consideration the investment you might have in existing buildings on a potential farm and if you’re moving to a different state, research what it costs to do business in that state.
  • Know your cost of production so you can make good decisions about what crops to grow.
  • Do your homework before you build a certified kitchen and clearly understand what it will take to make it worth your time financially.

More honest advice/insights from Paul in this recap in the Country Today

For more information on Foxtail’s Winter CSA program, go to their website:

Foxtail Farmers

Chris and Paul Burkhouse shared their long-time farming experience with more than 50 guests at this MOSES field day.

Talking to crowd

Paul engaged the crowd with honest explanations of what does and doesn’t work on his farm.



wash shed

In the washing shed, Paul says this is the place where harvested crops become food. If something falls on the floor here, it’s tossed out.



Foxtail Farm has one-acre fields in various stages of production. Soil fertility is managed with a variety of cover crops.



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