2015 MOSES Organic Farmer of the Year Nomination Form

The MOSES Organic Farmer of the Year award recognizes organic farmers who practice outstanding land stewardship, innovation and outreach.

The 2015 award will be presented at the 26th MOSES Organic Farming Conference Feb. 26-28, 2015 in La Crosse, Wis.

See past award winners.

The MOSES Organic Farmer of the Year should be:

  • A farmer or farm family with current organic certification;
  • An innovator in organic farming/livestock management including:
    • crops and crop rotations;
    • management of weeds, pests and diseases;
  • Someone who excels in enhancing farm resources, soil, water, wildlife, and biodiversity;
  • Someone who inspires and educates other organic farmers, consumers and those in the organic community;
  • Currently farming in one of the following Midwest states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin.

Not eligible:
Current MOSES employees and board members or board members within three years of end of service.

To submit a nomination,
please fill out the form below or download a printable form and email it to eric@mosesorganic.org or mail to:
PO Box 339
Spring Valley, WI 54767


2015 MOSES Organic Farmer of the Year Nominee:


Farm Name:



City, State, Zip:


Website (optional):

Your Contact Information (the nominator):


Farm's Name:



City, State and Zip:


Your Website (optional):

1) Please describe the farmer’s innovations in organic farming/livestock management. Also include how this farmer excels in enhancing farm resources: soil, water, wildlife and biodiversity.

2) In what ways does this farmer inspire and educate organic farmers, consumers and/or others in the organic community?

Thank you! After we review your nomination, we will contact the farmer in the fall to schedule an interview.

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