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Read news stories featuring the MOSES Rural Women’s Project and the inspiring women farmers who speak at and host our workshops and events.

Reporters:  Contact us to find women farmers to profile for specific stories.

Fast Fact:  According to the 2012 Census of Agriculture, women are the principal operators of nearly 14 percent of U.S. farms. Women are more likely to own livestock operations, including sheep, goat, and horse farms.


Women Farmers and MOSES Rural Women’s Project in the News

women potlucks

Women Farmers Build Networks Through Shared Meals
Civil Eats (March 2015)

For women in Wisconsin, potlucks can mean the difference between farming alone, and feeling like part of something bigger.
Read more about the Wisconsin Women in Sustainable Ag groups.

Soil Sisters Farm Tours
Blue Egg Farm (December 2014)

A few months ago there came about a rare event in the field of agricultural education: touring several farms in the same region in one day. That wasn’t an event I was about to pass up!  Read more.


Growing in Number
Curb (November 2014)

Meet three Wisconsin women changing the face of agriculture, combating gender stereotypes and creating lasting bonds with one another.  Read more.


One Step at a Time
The Progressive Farmer (October 2014)

Peg Sheaffer never planned to be a farmer. While in school at the University of Wisconsin, she majored in history and Spanish. But for fun, she took a few classes in sustainable agriculture.  Read more.


StoneyAcres-PizzaDon’t put all your eggs in one basket:
7 lessons in diversification
Organic Broadcaster  (July | August 2014)
Features Kat Becker, farm host for a Rural Women’s Project “In Her Boots:  Sustainable Agriculture For Women, By Women” workshop

For Kat Becker and Tony Schultz, diversification creates more than a smart income risk management strategy…  Read more.

Kat Becker: Stoney Acres Farms
Profile in Edible Madison  (July 2014)

Growing organic vegetables resonates so strongly with Kat Becker, she even gives her kids vegetable nicknames…. Read more.


JaneGreenhouse croppedJane Hawley Stevens: Four Elements Organic Herbals
Profile in Edible Madison  (July 2014)
Features Jane Hawley Stevens, farm host for a Rural Women’s Project “In Her Boots:  Sustainable Agriculture For Women, By Women” workshop

If ever there was a farmer who epitomizes what she grows, it’s Jane Hawley Stevens. When you stand in her presence, you feel all that calm, centering, healthy, inspiring herbal energy…. Read more.

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