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2015 Organic Broadcaster

Farmers, breeders collaborate on new organic sweet corn
John Jeavons shares his vision for sustainable farming future
Organic farms hurt by pesticide drift lose more than money
Let your animals balance their mineral requirements
Book shows how to boost beneficial insect populations of the farm
Small grains in crop rotation offer many benefits
Research identifies potato varieties that do well on Midwest organic farms
Cottage food laws allow producers to create, sell value-added products
Producers agree VAPG application process worth effort
Experts share tips for placing value-added products in stores
Second-career farmers offer advice to others entering field
Value of good recordkeeping shows at tax time
Take holistic approach to poultry welfare in organic system
MOSES bids farewell to board member, Organic Specialists


2014 Organic Broadcaster

Organic farming practices work with soil’s natural processes
Winter is coming: Steps to prepare dairy herd for barn life
Approval of new GM crop-herbicide combo leads country in wrong direction
Research show ‘sandblasting’ works to control weeds
Updated book outlines everything market farmers need to know
Biopesticides offer effective, progressive pest management
Urban farmers face unique challenges to certification
Integrated systems approach needed to control fire blight without antibiotics
Plan now to grow healthy transplants for next season
New commodity programs help farmers manage risk
Pack your plaid for annual MOSES Conference

Scale up vegetable production by growing better, not bigger
Organic community debates check-off program
On-farm conservation needed to boost beneficial pollinators
Organic farmers need unified ‘voice’ as organic sector grows
Study examines how sharing equipment can help farmers scale up
Travel through ‘Carbon Country’ to see climate-friendly eco-practices
Research moves forward on ‘organic-ready’ open-pollinated corn
Young farmers benefit from mentors’ experience
Tincture remedies help farmers treat livestock organically
Genetically engineered corn creates tipping point for family to go organic
Dairy farmer shows how he transitioned CRP land to corn, soybeans, grains
Field days give farmers chance to share ‘lessons learned’

Non-GMO farmers caught  in crossfire of war on herbicide-resistant weeds
Financial analysis shows grass-fed beef is good bet for producers
Time has come to decide organic status of hydroponics
Innovative system used composting process to heat high tunnel
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: 7 lessons in diversification
New book helps readers learn if dairy life is good fit for them
Research explores potential benefits of mixing cover crops
Branding helps customers connect with your farm
Collaborative farming: New farmers thrive by working together
Thwart external livestock parasites with prevention, organic controls
Taming the paperwork cyclone: Good data in means good data out
NOSB meeting showcased diversity in organic community
Study compares soil health on organic, non-organic farms

Prevention only ‘cure’ for deadly, new swine virus
Thoughtful planning yields perennial crop of blue fruits
Farmer finds organic certification opens doors
Is ‘big’ bad and ‘small’ beautiful?
Books prepare farmers to grow, save diverse seeds
Young farmers find place to grow through Land Link-Up
How one farm used ‘buckshot’ to meet energy needs
Research looks to cover crops to alleviate soil compaction, suppress weeds
Cover crops—organic mainstays—move into mainstream
Summit covered field, financial sides of farming for new farmers
Experienced market farmers offer tips for success at your first farmers’ market
What you need to know before buying/building irrigation system
People passionate about good farming gathered at 2014 MOSES Conference

2014 MOSES Organic Farmers of Year
Strawberry season extended using low-tunnel production
Feeding flaxseed to cows offers multiple benefits
GMOs, organic: “Coexistence” in the belly of the beast
Conservation workshops support female landowners
Learn the mysterious language of weeds
Home-grown feed can supplement poultry ration
Choose hardy cultivars for best bramble berries
Proof Positive: Researchers evaluate precision cover cropping
Seasoned organic farmers make transitioning look easy
Second-career farmers bring life experience to the field
How to calculate real cost of owning equipment
Smart tools, systems help you save labor in the transplant house
Farm bill includes support for organic, including Certification Cost Share
USDA makes changes to crop insurance

Farm couple takes pollinator conservation to higher level
Transplants offer jumpstart; transplant systems vary
Manage dry period for healthy, productive female ruminants
Efficiency or Democracy? NOP changes ‘sunset’ policy without public input
Wis. Historical Society documents organic, sustainable ag movement
New books provide insights into humane butchering
Evaluate CRP land with ‘open eyes’ before converting to organic
Friends or foes: Farmers talk about their relationships with weeds
Research highlights best practices for propane-fueled flame weeding
Keyline Design 101: Farmers learn water management from Mark Shepard
What’s new? Options for organic seed continue to grow
Farmers share what worked well for their keyline systems
New members join MOSES’ board
Researcher looks at reasons women enter farming


2013 Organic Broadcaster:

Choosing Early Season Cover Crops
USDA Biotech Committee Report: The good, the bad and the ugly
Citizen Groups Take Up Battle for Labeling GMOs
Book Review: Wholesale Review
Sign Here: Written Agreements Keep Buyers, Suppliers, and CSA Member Happy
Research Shows Flaming and Cultivation Key to Weed Control
Farmer Uses EQIP to Improve Farm, Environment
Organic Promotion?

2013 MOSES Organic Farmer of the Year: Charlie Johnson
Increase Tomato Plant Vigor and Yield through Grafting
Food Safety Regulations – Not Ready for Prime Time
New Farmers Find Loan Support From ‘Old’ Source
Is it Time to Reevaluate your Business Structure?
Are Feed Costs Lower for Wis. Grazing vs. Confined and Organic Dairy Farms?
Buyers and Producers: From Both Sides of the Fence
L.T.D. Farm: Frac Sand and Farming

Farm Dream Becomes Reality for Farmer from Mexico
Estate Planning (PDF)
Changes Improve Organic Crop Insurance, but Issues Remain
Couple’s Determination Yields 1,300 Acres of Organic Cropland
Research on Raising Dairy Steers Provides Insights
PuraMaize Blocks GMO Contamination
Incubator Farms Grow New Farmers
MOSES Rural Women’s Project Awarded “Top Rural Development Initiative”

Sprouted Barley Fodder–A Revolution in Animal Feed?
Keeping it Clean: Understanding Food Safety on the Farm
Can Organic be Perfect?
Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship: Employment and Training for the Next Generation
Soy-free Poultry Ration Research
Got Kefir? ‘Best Kept Secret’ for Healthy Organic Calves
Integrating Livestock with Crop Production Yields Benefits for Both
The National Young Farmers’ Coalition
Hannah Breckbill, Humble Hands Harvest
Organic and Sustainable Pest Control (PDF)
Tried and True Methods – Row Crop Success at Johnson Farms

Robotic Milker Adds Flexibility to Dairy Farm Life
The Pathogen Path: Water-Soil-Plant
Efforts to Strengthen Organic Label Hit Roadblock
The Road Less Traveled
Impact of Organic Management on Dairy Animal Health
Radishes – A New Cover Crop for Organic Farming Systems
Organic, Specialty Crops, and Gardens Caught in the Crossfire: The War on Roundup 
Land Stewardship Project Course is Raising Farmers to the Trade
Are You Ready to Work on the Land!?
Perennial Wheat Shows Potential as a Versatile Crop

Cover Crops Bring a Diversity of Benefits to the Farm
Food Safety in the Packing House
Proposed Food Safety Regulations put America’s Family Farms at Risk
Ten Tune-Up Tips for Your Farm Business
Around the Farm Table
Put it in Writing: How to Set up a Smart Organic Land Rental Agreement
Successful Winter Manure Management Using Bedded Packs
How to Navigate Cottage Food Laws
Resource Highlight: Agrarian Trust


2012 Organic Broadcaster:

The Organic Broadcaster: Twenty Years of Inspiration
Is Bullying the Best Way to Protect Organic Integrity?
Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association et al. v. Monsanto
Book Review: Sharing the Harvest
Long-running Iowa State Experiment Shows Organic Farming is Profitable
Tools to Help Assess Costs, Markets, and Profits
Farmer Veterans Coalition: Farmers Helping Veterans, Veterans Helping Farmers

2012 MOSES Organic Farmer of the Year: Francis and Susan Thicke
Book Review: Fearless Farm Finances
Reducing Heat Stress and Insect Pressure in Crops Using Kaolin Clay (Surround WP)
Kinder, Gentler Bulls?
Spreading the Good News about Organic Agriculture (While Correcting a Few Myths)

Pollinator Conservation in an Unstable World
Innovations in Organic Dairy: The Fly Barrel
What About Our Right to Farm?
Book Review: Turn Here Sweet Corn
Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Collecting Project
Developing a Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic Mulch Film

Conservation Reserve Program: Ideas on how to find and secure rental land
Profile: Rory Beyer, Recently Certified Organic Dairy
Are We Ready for an Organic Checkoff?
Women Caring for the Land: New Workshops Support Conservation Learning Circles
Profile: Grant Schultz, New Organic Steward
National Organic Standards Board, Tables livestock issues, approves items for processed foods
Potato Varieties and Potato Seed Systems for Organic Production: An On-Farm Approach
Organic Processing Institute

Consider Winter Small Grains—A Strategy to Reduce Feed Costs
The Challenges of GMO Testing
Book Review: Farmstead Chef
The Intern That Isn’t: How internship programs and minimum wage laws work together
Organic Production of Cherries and Raspberries in High Tunnels
Fishing for MOSES

Walters Transition Dairy to Increase Profits
Who is MOSES?
Working Together Builds Resiliency
Sourc ing Organic Seed Just Got Easier
Farm Volunteers: Legal Concerns, Legal Solutions
The Stanford Nutritional Analysis–Missing the Point(s)
USDA Creates Organic Literacy Initiative

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