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Sunn hemp gains popularity as a stress-tolerant cover crop

Sunn hemp is a fast-growing, nitrogen-fixing soil builder that Midwest growers are just starting to appreciate as a cover crop.  Read more.


High consumer demand makes ancient wheats hot commodities

The ancient wheats—einkorn, emmer, and spelt—are “trendy” right now thanks to demand by increasing numbers of consumers.  Read more.


Group finds advantages in working together to serve market

There’s a growing market for grass-fed, locally raised poultry, but access to processing and the high cost of quality feed create challenges for small-scale poultry operations. Read more.


Let’s get serious about taking ingredients off §205.606

While most organic producers are aware of the National Organic Program’s National List of prohibited natural and approved synthetic substances, many may not be aware of the last section 205.606.  Read more.


Manage seasonal cash shortages with farm operating loan

Most farm operations encounter months in which the money coming in from sales of milk, livestock, produce or other products is not quite enough to cover all of the bills. Read more.


French shepherds’ methods, wisdom offers inspiration to farmers raising sheep, goats

Scanning my dry pastures mid-summer last year, I pondered the feasibility of wandering with my small sheep flock about my rural neighborhood, allowing them to graze the still lush roadside ditches. Read more.


Organic Processing Institute digs into poultry processing issues

Producers of relatively small numbers of poultry have indicated that access to processing plants, especially those offering organic processing, are a limiting factor. Read more.


MOSES Conference has big impact on Nigerian farmer

For one participant from Nigeria, the conference had an “enormous” impact. “Seeing thousands of organic farmers renewed my hope and strength in what I do,” said Lawrence Afere….  Read more.


Research shows organic fermented grape extract works as natural dewormer in lambs

Gastrointestinal nematode parasitism is one of the greatest threats to economic sheep production in the United States. With increased incidences of anthelmintic resistance and constraints of organic production…. Read more.


On-farm composting works best on small-scale farms

At its simplest, composting is gathering plant materials in a large pile or container, letting them decompose, and using the final product to condition soil. Read more.


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