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Non-GMO farmers caught in crossfire of war on herbicide-resistant weeds

Dow AgriScience is pushing for deregulation of its Enlist Duo™ program—herbicide-resistant corn and soybeans genetically engineered to tolerate applications of both 2,4-D and glyphosate. Read more.


Financial analysis shows grass-fed beef is good bet for producers

The U.S. grass-fed beef sector has experienced exponential growth over the past 15 years. With continued strong growth projected, grass-fed beef provides a good opportunity for producers. Read more.


Time has come to decide organic status of hydroponics

The USDA organic regulations are not always clear in describing what type of production can carry the organic label. Hydroponic crop produc­tion is one of these gray areas where inconsis­tent implementation…. Read more.


Innovative system uses composting process to heat high tunnel

High tunnels allow vegetable farmers to extend the growing season, but often require supplemental heat to protect plants during spring and fall cold spikes. Read more.


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket:
7 lessons in diversification

For Kat Becker and Tony Schultz, diversification creates more than a smart income risk management strategy for Stoney Acres Farm, their certified organic operation…. Read more.


New book helps readers learn if dairy life is good fit for them

I’ll admit it. I was a fan of Gianaclis Caldwell before opening her most recent book, The Small Scale Dairy: The Complete Guide to Milk Production for the Home and Market. Read more.


Research explores potential benefits of mixing cover crops

The potential benefits of using cover crops are wide ranging and well documented. The potential benefits of using cover crop mixtures, however, have been less thoroughly explored. Read more.


Branding helps customers connect with your farm

Let’s be honest—even with all the challenges of farming, few of us are likely to yearn for a cubicle somewhere, working on a presentation about “knowledge-based solutions with mission-driven strategic applications. Read more.


Collaborative farming:
New farmers thrive by working together

New farmers are designing creative ways to work together, support each other, and accomplish more as a group. Whether they’re purchasing supplies, marketing, distributing or accessing land…. Read more.


Thwart external livestock parasites with prevention, organic controls

External parasites on livestock can lead to economic loss for producers. Studies have shown that even moderate infestations of parasites could cost you one pound of milk/meat…. Read more.


Taming the paperwork cyclone:
Good data in means good data out

I’ve got a neighbor whose truck scares me. The bookkeeper in me cringes as I see receipts flying around the cab, grubby on the floor, or wedged behind the visor. Read more.


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  • NOSB meeting showcased diversity in organic community
  • Study compares soil health on organic, non-organic farms
  • MOSES’ field days offer insights, inspiration for farmers