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2015 MOSES Organic Farmers of Year adapt to climate change by saving, breeding seeds

Long-time organic farmers Greg and Mary Reynolds of Riverbend Farm in Delano, Minn., are the 2015 MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year. Read more.


Native prairie plantings can be established without using herbicides

With increased interest in providing habitat for pollinators and a concern over the loss of native plants in our landscape, many landowners want to transform…. Read more.


Organic needs user-friendly certification process to meet U.S. production demands

Organic consumption in the United States has reached a point where domestic production can’t meet the demand.  Read more.


Setting up payroll for farm employees offers more protection than using volunteers, interns

A challenging day in many farmers’ professional lives is the day they have to hire their first employee. The thought of having to figure out payroll taxes and cut paychecks can be a terrifying proposition.  Read more.


New York chef encourages whole-farm eating for sustainable food culture

Crisis and chaos is the norm in a professional kitchen. But the kind of existential crisis that struck chef Dan Barber at Blue Hill restaurant in Manhattan when he sold out…. Read more.


Think beyond the plate to see all benefits of organic food

Are organic foods more nutritious than non-organic? Are they healthier or safer? As a dietitian, I’m often asked these questions and I answer with a resounding “yes!”  Here’s why. Read more.


Can it pay to irrigate pasture in Wisconsin?

Even in normal years, lack of moisture can substantially reduce forage yields in pastures. Since pasture is an economical source of feed….  Read more.


Research shows biodegradable mulch film slow to degrade in field

Biodegradable biobased mulch film was added to the National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances for organic production in October 2014. Read more.


New training program helps farmers start farm-based food services

Does the image of people dining on your farm, savoring meals made with your own farm-raised fare bring a smile to your face?  Read more.


NRCS retiree offers tips to help landowners access USDA conservation programs

As a recent retiree from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), I can look back with satisfaction on the experience I had working with hundreds of producers…. Read more.


Seasoned growers discuss springtime orchard chores

Even though the orchard looks dormant in March, the trees need a lot of attention before they blossom in late spring. Read more.


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