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Mailing Address: PO Box 339  |  Spring Valley, Wis. 54767

Phone: 888-90-MOSES (906-6737) 

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Our Team

Lori Stern, Executive Director
ext. 702
Lori’s background includes work related to community and environmental health, social justice, and food access. From 2014 to 2020, she brought all those things into focus through her farm-to-table restaurant, Cow & Quince, a community-supported restaurant in New Glarus, Wisconsin. She lives with her wife, LeAnn, on a small farm near Monticello, Wisconsin, where they grow vegetables and raise chickens and goats.

Jenica Caudill, Director of Development & Marketing

ext. 719

Jenica has been involved in the movement for sustainable agriculture and trade justice for small-scale farmers for over 10 years, working with Equal Exchange and Fair World Project. She lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner, Cody, and their daughter, Elsie.


Chuck Anderas, Program Specialist

ext. 700
Before joining our team, Chuck was an organic inspector and certification agent with MOSA, and had experience working on small-scale fruit, vegetable, and livestock farms. He has a degree in agricultural education from the University of Minnesota. He and his family just bought a small farm near MOSES.

SarahSarah Broadfoot, Project Manager

ext. 706
Sarah manages projects and grants. She has a degree in horticulture and owns a small landscape maintenance and design company in Minneapolis. Sarah enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, and growing, and cooking and eating delicious foods.

Sophia Cleveland, Administrative Coordinator

ext. 705
Sophia manages event registrations, provides administrative support to the MOSES team, and manages the MOSES bookstore. She, her husband, and daughter live just outside of Menomonie, Wis., where they enjoy vegetable and flower gardening.

Stephanie Coffman, Presentation Coordinator

ext. 707
Stephanie and her husband raise grass-finished beef and farm with her parents and brother just outside of El Paso, Wis. Her other interests include photography, music, and traveling with her family.

Tiffany LaShae, In Her Boots Podcast Host

Tiffany is an activist, farmer, and educator who has worked with farmers in many places in the U.S and abroad. She’s currently working with Soul FIRE Farming Immersion (Farming in Relationship with the Earth), Big Rivers Farms Farmers Education Program, and International Climate Smart Agriculture Farmer-to-Farmer Trainings. She is also a soils Researcher at the University of Minnesota.

Tom Manley, Partnership Director

ext. 704
Tom and his wife own a 40-acre homestead farm near Spring Valley, Wis. They are working to develop a permanent, woody perennial-based system with alley cropping and grazing. He hopes to someday earn the title of “Gentleman Farmer.” He enjoys running, winemaking, and woodworking.

Jennifer Nelson, Land Access Navigator

ext. 709
Jennifer has been supporting organic farmers and teaching since 2005. She and her husband co-own their family flower farm in Plum City, Wis. She loves a bright, beautiful sunflower, being outside with her young son, and growing, cooking and eating good food.

Hannah Westfall, Communications & Marketing Specialist

ext. 701
Hannah draws from years of nonprofit marketing and graphic design experience, most recently working in hunger relief and food recovery. She has a small vegetable garden, loves traveling and is happiest when spending time in nature with her fiance and their rescue dogs.


Sarah Woutat, Farmer Advancement Coordinator

ext. 703
After nine years on her own certified organic vegetable farm in Minnesota, Sarah moved to Minneapolis where she and her 4-year-old daughter have been getting used to city life and trying to grow veggies in a small shady yard. Sarah loves to cook (it’s what led her to farming), she’s learning to knit, and is trying her hand at various fermented concoctions.


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