Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

MOSES Equity Statement

MOSES is making a genuine effort to be open and welcoming to all types of farmers from diverse backgrounds. We realize there is a gap between intention and impact, and we want to bridge that gap. The issues of equity and inclusion in agriculture extend far beyond MOSES, and given our leadership role in agriculture, how we embrace the challenge of addressing these issues not only impacts our organization, but also the broader farming community.

We don’t have all the answers, but as part of our strategic plan, we will be developing intercultural competence at MOSES through specific trainings and by reaching out to the diverse members of our community. The complete pathway and timetable are still coming together, but we can assure our community of one thing: as we move forward, it will be with thoughtfulness, transparency, and sincerity. We are committed to creating lasting change that will benefit our community, and all of agriculture.

We invite you on this journey with us. If you have suggestions, comments, or ideas about ways MOSES can become a more equitable organization, please share them with us.

Email MOSES about diversity, equity, and inclusion.


From the Organic Broadcaster

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