The Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES) is a nonprofit organization based in Spring Valley, Wis. We promote organic and sustainable agriculture by providing the education, resources and expertise farmers need to succeed. You can help us reach more farmers by making a tax-deductible donation.

MOSES Conference WorkshopEducating farmers about organic and sustainable production is the foundation of our work. The cornerstone of this foundation is the annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference, the country’s largest conference on organic and sustainable farming. The MOSES Conference draws 3,000+ people each February to La Crosse, Wis. for more than 60 workshops, inspiring speakers, a two-floor Exhibit Hall, and organically grown food. You can find details about the MOSES Conference under Events in the navigation bar.

We also educate farmers about specific farming practices through MOSES Organic Field Days. These on-farm events give farmers the chance to see firsthand how successful organic farmers manage their operations.

facebook-defaultOur staff includes Organic Specialists who have organic farming experience as well as expertise in certification. They answer farmers’ specific questions through the Ask a Specialist feature on our website (see the box to the right) and the MOSES Organic Answer Line (715-778-5775).

We manage several projects to support and empower organic farmers (see Projects). Through our Farmer-to-Farmer Mentoring Program, experienced organic farmers share their expertise with those new to the field, encouraging continued growth in the organic sector. Our New Organic Stewards program and our Rural Women’s Project both create supportive communities for these targeted groups.

We also advocate for national policies that encourage organic production (see Policy Work). We serve on various local, state and national committees, and work closely with the National Organic Standards Board to ensure that organic farmers have a voice in shaping the rules.

This website offers information on just about every aspect of organic production plus access to resources such as our Upper Midwest Organic Resource Directory, our Guidebook for Organic Certification, and more than 30 fact sheets (see Publications). Practical articles from our Organic Broadcaster newspaper are grouped by farming specialty in “Farming by Topic” (see Farming). PDFs of complete Organic Broadcaster issues can be found in Publications.

If you need help finding information, please call us—we’re happy to answer your questions about sustainable, organic farming.

MOSES educates, inspires, and empowers farmers to thrive in a sustainable, organic system of agriculture.


USDAThe USDA Risk Management Agency, which supports our work to educate farmers about organic and sustainable farming methods, helped fund the initial creation of this website.

We are rated with two of the top national charity rating services. See our Guide Star report.


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