Farmer-Share Speed Presentations



Share what you’re doing on your farm!


In a 4-minute or less video presentation, tell us about your farm or a project related to farming/the food system that you are involved with. You can focus on production tips and share techniques/tricks you use or simply take us on a virtual tour of your farm. You can record video or make a fast-paced PowerPoint presentation.

We plan to include these speed presentations as part of our community-driven 2021 MOSES Conference—taking place virtually in February. There may also be opportunities for you to participate in roundtable discussions based on your topic.


Submit Your Video

The deadline to submit speed presentation videos is Oct. 31. 


  • Business/Marketing
  • Certification/Labeling
  • Farm Systems
  • Field Crops
  • Health & Homesteading
  • Leadership & Community
  • Livestock
  • Market farming
  • Soils
  • Specialty Crops
  • Farm Tour


Filming Instructions:

  • First, review our MOSES Video Presentation Policies.
  • Presentation must be 4 minutes or less. MP4 format preferred.
  • Have another person hold your recording device or mount it on a tripod while recording.
  • If using a cell phone, make sure to hold device horizontally while filming.
  • Do not film with the sun behind you or when it is windy.
  • Speak clearly and with good volume. Use a small microphone – a bluetooth earpiece or wireless earbuds with a microphone – if possible.
  • Another option is to create a powerpoint and record you presenting it on Zoom.
  • Review your video presentation for quality control before submitting.
  • Naming protocol for your video:  Last name-First name-Topic


Questions? Contact Stephanie. or 888-90-MOSES, extension 707


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