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October 2021


Disparity to Parity to Solidarity: Economic Justice & Agricultural Policy
October 26 | 1 – 2:30 p.m. |  Online

National Family Farm Coalition and Disparity to Parity partners invite you to this event that gathers practitioners and analysts to unpack the economic inequities–and economic justice potential–of farm policy. Watch for registration (and more) details for this virtual event to be shared soon. Register.

Cultivating Your Customers – The Secret to Higher Profits
October 26 | 3 – 4 p.m. |  Online

This free webinar from Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) features guest presenter Corinna Bench, who will share several strategies to excite and amaze your customers and move them into superfan status. Learn more.

Regenerating Your Soil Sponge
October 29 | 10 – 11:30 a.m. | $75  | Online

NCAT’s Soil for Water program will engage with four ag producers who will share specific methods they are using to bring degraded soils back to life and hold more water in the soil. These producers will also discuss how healthy soil has increased their profitability and quality of life. Learn more.

New Farmer U
October 29 & 30 | $ |  Willow River, Minn.

This event covers farm financial and business management for intermediate beginning farmers—3-6 years of farming experience—or anyone who is ready to plan for future success. Learn more.



November 2021


Introduction to Raising Heritage Poultry
November 2 | 1 – 2 p.m. | Online

This free, online workshop from Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) features Jeannette Beranger, Senior Program Manager at The Livestock Conservancy. She will discuss the perks and challenges producers raising traditional or heritage breeds of poultry will face, and how to take advantage of other income streams from your flock that can be generated beyond eggs or meat. Register.

WFAN Conference:  Landscapes of Resilience – Embracing the Power of Community
November 3 – 7 | $50  | Online

Join the Women Food & Ag Network (WFAN) for their upcoming conference featuring workshops, affinity groups, a screening of a WFAN produced documentary, movie night, meet-ups, networking opportunties, and more. Register.

It All Starts on the Farm: Raw Milk Parameters that Impact Pasteurized Dairy Product Quality
November 9 | 1 – 2:15 p.m. | Online

When it comes to the impact of raw milk quality on pasteurized dairy products, there are only a few parameters that are truly impactful. This eOrganic webinar will cover these parameters, how they impact pasteurized dairy products and what can be done at the farm to control them. Register.

Iowa Organic Association Annual Conference
November 28 & 29 | $ | Iowa City, Iowa

Hosted by the Iowa Organic Association. This year’s theme: Save the Planet Through Organics – Managing Climate Change with Organic Practices, featuring keynote Dr. Jessica Shade, Director of Science Programs at The Organic Center. Register.



December 2021


Organic & Non-GMO Forum
December 1 & 2 | $ | Minneapolis, Minn.

The Organic & Non-GMO Forum is the source for conventional food and ag businesses to learn about opportunities in the organic and non-GMO industry, and for those in the field to discuss the challenges and advantages it presents. Learn more.

ACRES Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show
December 6 – 9 | $ | Cincinnati, Ohio

In-person event. Attend in-depth workshops and sessions about soil health, animal agriculture, human health, plant nutrition and more. Learn more.

Intertribal Agriculture Council Annual Conference
December 7 – 9 | $ | Las Vegas, Nevada and Online

Join the IAC as they highlight tribal producers and land stewardship efforts that lend important modeling and direction to all sectors of agriculture and land management. In-person and virtual attendance available. In-person registration is limited. Learn more.

Perennial Farm Gathering
December 9 – 11  | $ | Online

This multi-day event brings together farmers, researchers, and community members to share their experiences, ask questions, connect, and build the momentum behind agroforestry. Learn more.



January 2022


Minnesota Organic Conference
January 6 & 7 | $ | St. Cloud, Minn.

Join the Minnesota Department of Agriculture for workshops on a range of topics and connect with others involved in organic agriculture. Learn more.

Grassworks Grazing Conference
January 20 – 22| $ | Wisconsin Dells, Wis.

Grassworks is celebrating their 30th anniversary conference with the theme, Celebrating the Resilience of Grazing. Learn more.

Practical Farmers of Iowa Annual Conference
January 20 – 22 | $ | Ames, Iowa

Join Practical Farmers of Iowa for their annual conference featuring 50+ sessions, hundreds of attendees, 80+ exhibitors, plenty of networking time. Learn more.



February 2022


Organic Vegetable Production Conference
February 3 – 8| $ | Online

Connect with professional vegetable growers from throughout the Midwest at this unique virtual event grounded in farmer-to-farmer skill sharing. Hosted by Fairshare CSA Coalition and Dane County University of Wisconsin Extension. Learn more.

Organic Seed Growers Conference
February 4 – 11| $ | Online

Join the Organic  Seed Alliance for a fun, dynamic and, educational virtual gathering for their annual conference this year. Learn more.

Illinois Specialty Crop Conference (ISCC) & Trade Show
February 5 – 7 | $ | Springfield, Ill.

Organized by the Illinois Specialty Growers Association, the University of Illinois, and the Illinois Department of Agriculture. The conference is aimed at meeting the needs of agritourism businesses, irrigation issues, pollinators, cut flower growers, organics, and producers of vegetable, herb, and fruit crops in Illinois and surrounding states. This is a hybrid event – virtual sessions will also be available each day. Learn more.

Organic Grain Conference and Trade Show
February 9 – 10 | $ | Champaign, Ill.

Save the date! More info coming soon. Organized by the Land Connection. Learn more.

OEFFA Conference
February 12 (online) & 17 – 19 (in-person) | $ | Dayton, Ohio

They are planning for hybrid conference event, which will offer you the best of both worlds, and registration will open by December. Learn more.

EcoFarm Conference
February 19 – 22 | $ | Pacific Grove, Calif.

Join this annual gathering of agriculturalists working to advance ecological, equitable farms and food systems. Join in-person for visionary keynote speakers, skill-building workshops, pre-conference events, our tented expo, seed swaps, networking, and farm tours. Learn more.

MOSES Organic Farming Conference:  Cultivating Community
February 24 – 26| $ | La Crosse, Wis.

Join MOSES in-person this year! We bring together all kinds of farmers and ag professionals to learn the latest organic production methods and build a supportive community of resilient organic and sustainable farms. Learn more.



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