MOSES Organic Field Days give you the chance to see firsthand how other farmers tackle issues on their farms. See how things are done on these successful farms, and get insights to help you grow!






2018 Field Days:

Wholesale Vegetables on a Small Scale 
July 20 | Seed to Seed Farm | Balsam Lake, Wis.

Learn about wholesale production on a small- to medium-sized farm. If you are looking to transition your farm from direct-to-consumer to wholesale, or beef up your wholesale production, this field day is for you. Farm host Ariel Pressman will explain how to grow quality produce consistently for larger accounts.


In Her Boots: Tools & Machinery, Vegetables, CSA & Diversification
July 26 Humble Hands Harvest | Decorah, Iowa

Spend the day with an inspiring group of women farmers and educators dedicated to supporting women to succeed in achieving their farm dreams. This special In Her Boots session will focus on tool use, mechanics and ergonomics from a female farmer lens and how to care for that most important tool: yourself!


Keeping Water in our Soil: Uplands Watershed Group Farm Tour and Farmer-Fisherman Lunch
July 27 Stapleton Grain and Hay Farm & Cates Grass-Fed Beef Farm | Spring Green, Wis.

Learn about practices that are useful for your farm and help water infiltrate your soil. Then enjoy burgers and seafood caught by fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico, whose challenges with nutrient build-up and biological die-off in the Dead Zone can be helped by conservation practices in the Midwest.


Integrating Cereal Grains into an Organic Dairy Rotation
July 31 Wilson Organic Farms | Cuba City, Wis.

This field day is hosted by Wilson Organic Farms, a 400-cow dairy with 2,900 organic acres. The Wilsons emphasize the connection between soil health, plant health, and healthy people and animals. Learn about the integration of roller-crimped rye into their soybean crop, soil health gains on the farm, and the integration of cereal grains into a dairy rotation as both quality feed for the herd and off-farm sales.


Soil Sisters Farm Tours & Workshops

August 3-5 | $ Varies | Southern Wisconsin 

Over 20 women-run farms offer tours, food and craft demos, tastings, and more during this jam-packed weekend. This event is sponsored by Wisconsin Farmers Union, MOSES, and Renewing the Countryside.


In Her Boots: Success Strategies from the Soil Sisters
August 3 Raleigh’s Hillside Farm | Brodhead, Wis.

Come for an inspiring day of advice, ideas and seasoned perspectives from the Wisconsin Soil Sisters, an innovative network of local women championing organic and sustainable agriculture. Learn from experienced women farmers and gather resources for your farm launch. Stay for the full weekend, which includes workshops, culinary events, farm tours, and more!


On-Farm Variety Trials: Kale
August 7 | Riverbend Farm | Delano, Minn.

This trial location features curly kale for mid-season palatability. Riverbend Farm is an organic vegetable farm that provides produce to a CSA, restaurants, food co-ops, and schools. Farmer Greg Reynolds also saves seed from, and works to improve, varieties of several crops.


Johnson Farms Tour
August 9 | Johnson Farms | Madison, S.D.

What does it take to grow 2,800 acres of cash crops organically? Find out at  MOSES board member Charlie Johnson’s field day. The Johnson family’s organic system features a six-year organic crop rotation (hay, hay, soy, corn, soy, oats/alfalfa). Their care for the land doesn’t stop at crops, however. They also run 200 head of Black Angus Gelbvieh, taking care to manage them in a way that prevents soil erosion and water contamination.


Adding Buckwheat & Sorghum Sudangrass to a Grain Rotation
August 29 Lily Lake Organic Farm | Maple Park, Ill.

The focus of this field day will be on growing dual-purpose buckwheat as a cash crop and as a cover crop, including weed control strategies and harvesting methods. Buckwheat increases soil health and reduces the need for tillage, and makes a profit! In addition, learn about another cover crop superstar, sorghum sudangrass.


High Tunnel Selection, Construction, and Production
September 25 Thao’s Garden | Spring Valley, Wis.

If you’re interested in putting up a high tunnel and don’t know where to start, this field day is for you. Farmers, farmer resource providers, and ag technical assistance providers will benefit from this high tunnel demonstration day. Learn about high tunnel design, the building process, and crop selection. This field day will be presented primarily in Hmong, with simultaneous interpretation into English.


Field Day recaps:


Small Grains, Modest Gains
July 12  |  Hughes Farm  | Janesville, Wis.

OGRAIN (MOSES and partners at the University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Practical Farmers of Iowa organized this field day to show how small grains benefit other cash crops in both conventional and organic cropping systems. Attendees learned how cover crops can be green manures and control weeds while reducing soil erosion and improving water quality. Organic Seed Alliance talked about the Hughes Farm’s food-grade corn and cover crop seed trials, as part of our variety trialing series.


On-Farm Variety Trials: Potatoes
July 1 | PrairiErth Farm | Atlanta, Ill.

This trial location featured yellow potatoes for early vigor and yield. PrairiErth Farm is a diversified operation producing corn, soybeans, oats, alfalfa, and grass hay, as well as 20 acres of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Their livestock operation includes 40 pasture-raised beef cattle, and free-range chicken for eggs and heritage breed pigs. Hans & Katie Bishop are looking for an early potato variety that has some in-field resistant to potato leafhopper & has early vine dieback. Their trials measure yield in particular, as well as other characteristics.


On-Farm Variety Trials: Broccoli
June 28 | We Grow LLC | Westboro, Wis.

This field day features hoop house broccoli. We Grow LLC is a produce farm in northern Taylor County Wisconsin providing pastured heritage breed pork and free-range broiler chickens along with a wide-array of seasonal vegetable grown without the use of synthetic inputs in a community supported agricultural (CSA) system. They use organic certified, non-GMO seeds.


In Her Boots: Tools & Machinery, Dairy & Diversification
June 21 Wylymar Farms | Monroe, Wis.

The day was spent with an inspiring group of women farmers and educators dedicated to supporting women to succeed in achieving their farm dreams. This special In Her Boots session focused on tool use, mechanics and ergonomics from a female farmer lens, and how to care for that most important tool: yourself!


Spring High Tunnel Vegetable Production
May 5 10th Street Farm & Market | Afton, Minn.

Attendees toured 10th Street Farm & Market, an intensive 1/2 acre CSA farm outside of beautiful Afton, Minn. We learned about movable high tunnels for extended-season production, and the farm’s strong crop rotation plan.