MOSES Organic Field Days give you the chance to see how other organic farmers manage their operations and get ideas you can use on your own farm.

Tips shared at last year’s MOSES Organic Field Days


2021 Organic Field Days


COVID Precautions: Our field days will follow CDC guidance, which allows fully vaccinated individuals to gather without wearing masks or physically distancing, except where required by local rules. The CDC also recommends we all wear masks on public transportation. In addition, we will respect each host farm’s local rules. Please see an individual field day page for guidance specific to that event. 


Upcoming Field Days

Sustainability through Community Engagement with the Land
September 18 |  Sustain DuPage | Wheaton, Ill.

2021 Changemaker Sustain DuPage is an educational nonprofit that promotes sustainability and community in the Chicago suburbs through an educational organic garden and projects that engage people in growing food, supporting native wildlife, working for political change, and finding outlets for creative expression. Learn more.


Grazing and Forest Management as Regenerative Ag
September 28 |  Holm Girls Dairy | Elk Mound, Wis.

Join us for a pasture walk with organic farmer and conservationist Mariann Holm. She will be covering pasture renewal, grazing as conservation, and grazing livestock on pasture with trees. Box lunches will be served. This field day is part of the Wisconsin Women in Conservation series. Learn more and register.


Winter Vegetable Production in Missouri
October 4 |   Happy Hollow Farm | Jamestown, Mo.

Learn more about fall crop harvesting and winter high tunnel and caterpillar tunnel production for vegetables in Missouri from 2021 MOSES Organic Farmer of the Year Liz Graznak. Co-hosted with EarthDance Organic Farm School. More details here.



Highlights from this year’s completed Field Days

Season Extension at Mhonpaj’s Garden
June 2 | Online

Learn about season extension for vegetables from MOSES Organic Specialist Mhonpaj Lee. Since this event takes place inside a high tunnel, it is a virtual event. Watch recording.



Kernza® Production and Introduction to Perennial Promise Grower Co-op
July 8 | A-Frame Farm | Madison, Minn.

Join farmers Carmen Fernholz and Luke Peterson for a tour of Kernza® production at A-Frame farm and also learn more about the newly developed Perennial Promise Grower Co-op and how they are working with industry and researchers to grow, market and champion Kernza®. Co-hosted with the University of Minnesota Forever Green Initiative and MOSES. Check out some video clips from the day.


Organic Row Crops plus Prairie Restoration
July  22 | Johnson Farms | Madison, S.D.

The Johnsons host their annual farm tour to showcase what it takes to grow large-acreage row crops in an organic system. Also, learn about South Dakota State University’s organic oat trials on the farm as well as the project to restore South Dakota grassland to its native prairie state. Watch video recaps.


Creative Land Access and No-Till Vegetable Research
July 31 | Humble Hands Harvest | Decorah, Iowa

2021 Changemaker Hannah Breckbill and her farm partner, Emily Fagan, highlight the community-centered land access story and cooperative business model behind Humble Hands Harvest, a diversified organic vegetable, livestock, and tree crop farm. Hear about their no-till organic vegetable system as well as their plans for perennializing their 22 acres. Watch Hannah and Emily talk about their creative farm business plan.


Medicinal Herb Production 
August 7 | Four Elements Organic Herbals | North Freedom, Wis.

The 2020 MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year, Jane Hawley Stevens and David Stevens, open their farm for a tour and presentation about medicinal herb production, covering herb identification and wellness uses, planting, harvesting, drying, and cover crops. Watch video recaps.


Systems Approach to Organic Farming
August 18 | Cala Farm Origenes | Turtle Lake, Wis.

MOSES Organic Specialist Rodrigo Cala shares the systems approach he uses on his organic farm, focusing on sheep production with rotational grazing, a perennial system for raising chickens, and much more. Learn more.


Silvopasture for Livestock & Pollinators
August 21 | Mary Dirty Face Farm | Menomonie, Wis.

Learn about species selection, installation, and weed management for tree strips that provide forage/shade for livestock and food/nesting for pollinators, especially specialist bees, butterflies, and moths that require certain tree and shrub species to survive. Co-hosted with The Xerces Society. Learn more.