MOSES Organic Field Days give you the chance to see firsthand how other farmers tackle issues on their farms. See how things are done on these successful farms, and get insights to help you grow!

Check out some great tips farmers learned from last year’s MOSES Organic Field Days.


2020 Organic Field Days


Note: We’ve listed our scheduled field days here. We’re working on creative solutions to present these events if social distancing continues to be recommended. More details for each event coming soon.


Do The Numbers:  Organic Dairy
June 24 | Bossie Cow Farm | Random Lake, Wis.

Thelma Heidel-Baker and Ricky Baker host this event which will focus on the economics and infrastructure of transitioning to a grass-based, organic dairy.



Do the Numbers:  Organic Crop Transition
July 8 | Jovaag Family Farm | Austin, Minn.

The economics of transitioning to an organic row crops, plus rotations to build soil health, will be discussed at this field day hosted by Jon and Ruth Jovaag.



Kernza Trial Results
July 22 | A-Frame Farm | Madison, Minn.

In partnership with OGRAIN, join us for an update on this wonderful new perennial crop with host Carmen Fernholz. Kernza development by the Forever Green Initiative, planting, harvesting, post-harvest storage, economics, and marketing will all be discussed.


Medicinal Herb Production
August 1
 | Four Elements Organic Herbals | North Freedom, Wis.

MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year, Jane Hawley Stevens and David Stevens, will introduce us to variety of herbs they grow on their farm, and discuss their many medicinal uses. Production, harvest, and drying techniques will also be covered.



Other up coming MOSES Organic Field Days, photos and details coming soon:

In Her Boots
July 15 | Tsyunhehkwa Organic Farm | Oneida, Wis.

Host:  Oneida Nation of Wisconsin
Focus:  Farm diversification, Three Sisters gardens

July 29 | Altura, Minn.

Host:  Keith Speltz
Focus:  Cover cropping and no-till soybeans

August 4 | Doudlah Farms | Evansville, Wis.

Host:  Mark Doudlah
Focus:  Hemp and no-till edible beans

In Her Boots
 August 7 | The Old Smith Place | Brodhead, Wis.

Host:  Betty Anderson & Soil Sisters friends
Focus:  Start-up advice, raising meat, farm diversification
Note:  This special Boots session kicks off the annual Soil Sisters