MOSES Organic Field Days give you the chance to see firsthand how other farmers tackle issues on their farms. See how things are done on these successful farms, and get insights to help you grow!

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2019 Field Days:


Add Unusual Fruits to Your Farm
August 21 | Blue Fruit Farm | Winona, Minn.

MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year, Jim Riddle and Joyce Ford, showcase how they grow all things blue. Focus is on unusual fruits, overhead netting, native plants, and mechanical weed control for orchards.


Midwest Mechanical Weed Control Field Day
September 18 | Gwenyn Hill Organic Farm | Waukesha, Wis.

Learn about soil health and low-impact cultivation and see tools for precise mechanical weed control in both crop and vegetable fields. Includes in-field demonstrations. Organized by The Land Connection.


Tips from Field Days:


Begin a Farmstead Micro-Creamery
May 23 | Cosmic Wheel Creamery | Clear Lake, Wis.

Enjoy a recap of this awesome field day! Learn some of the key advice farmers Josh Bryceson and Rama Hoffpauir were able to share with attendees about their own journey in adding a micro-creamery to their vegetable CSA farm.



Grow & Mill Small Grains for Artisan Breadmakers
June 25 | Janie’s Farm | Danforth, Ill.

Farmer Harold Wilken’s tips from this field day.




Organic Row Crops in South Dakota
August 1 | Johnson Farms | Madison, S.D.

Timing is everything in managing weeds! Read more tips from this field day.



In Her Boots:  Success Strategies from the Soil Sisters
August 2 | Riemer Family Farm |  Brodhead, Wis.

This special In Her Boots workshop kicked off the Soil Sisters weekend. We met the Soil Sisters who run meat operations and took a detailed, behind-the-scenes farm tour of Riemer Family Farm. Read more tips and hear some advice from the Soil Sisters!


In Her Boots: Diversifying with Flowers, Pizza, and Summer Camps
August 13 | Ladyfern Farm & Two Pony Garden | Long Lake, Minn.

This broad-based workshop included tips on growing, harvesting, and arranging flowers, and looked at on-farm conservation practices and ways you can diversify your farm income. Watch a brief news video about this event! Recap coming soon.


Cultivating Farm Resilience for a Changing Climate
August 16 | Rosmann Family Farm | Harlan, Iowa

The Rosmanns, the 2018 MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year, highlighted how they work small grains into their field crop rotations, use cover crops for rotational grazing, and discussed their farrow-to-finish swine operation. MOSES co-sponsored this Practical Farmers of Iowa field day. Recap coming soon.