2021 MOSES Organic Field Day

Creative Land Access and No-Till Vegetable Research

Saturday, July 31 |  2 – 5 p.m. | Free 

Humble Hands Harvest CSA Farm
2741 Hidden Falls Road
Decorah, IA 52101


2021 Changemaker Hannah Breckbill and her farm partner, Emily Fagan, gave us a tour of their unique CSA farm. Humble Hands Harvest is located on 22 acres northeast of Decorah, and over the past five years has converted conventional cropland to a highly diverse, worker-owned farm with perennial crops as well as organic vegetables, grass-fed lamb, and pastured pork. This field day explored the various systems on the farm, including a SARE-funded no-till project, livestock rotations, and the system of worker-ownership and community engagement that has allowed Humble Hands Harvest to thrive.

Topics covered:

  • No-till organic vegetables
  • Rotational grazing on a small scale
  • Unconventional financing
  • Worker-owned cooperative
  • Climate resilience
  • Building a farm from scratch


Video Recaps:



Hannah Breckbill

Hannah Breckbill is one of the 2021 MOSES Changemakers, recognized for her work building community for queer farmers. She founded Humble Hands Harvest in 2013 on rented land, and her experience as a young farmer has led her to activism in land justice. She contracts as a land access navigator with Renewing The Countryside, in addition to her full-time work on the farm.


Emily Fagan

Emily Fagan joined Humble Hands Harvest in 2017, just in time to jump-start the farm on its permanent land. She brings a love of movement, organization, and poetry to the farm team.



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