2021 MOSES Organic Field Day

Season Extension at Mhonpaj’s Garden

Wednesday, June 2 |  2 – 3:30 p.m. | Online | Free 

See field day recording.

Take a virtual tour of the high tunnel at Mhonpaj’s Garden, the first farm in the Hmong community in Minnesota to be certified organic. MOSES Organic Specialist Mhonpaj Lee offers tips on high tunnel selection, building, and growing vegetables in this protected environment. 

In addition, the specific topics highlighted in our live virtual event will be discussed more in-depth in 5 separate videos that will be released between now and the end of June. Translation into Hmong and Spanish will be available on all recordings.


High Tunnel Series with Mhonpaj Lee:

  • Part 1:  Resources – where farmers can go to buy tunnels and supplies

  • Tips and ideas to keep in mind when building your high tunnel
  • Raising seedlings in high tunnels
  • Growing vegetables in the ground
  • Tips for ag professionals on assisting Hmong farmers


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Mhonpaj Lee

Mhonpaj has a lifetime of experience growing vegetables. Her family’s farm, Mhonpaj’s Garden, was the first farm in the Hmong community to be certified organic in Minnesota back in 2005. She worked with Big River Farms for over 10 years, supporting immigrant and refugee farmers.



John Sippl

John is a  District Conservationist from Dunn County NRCS.


Heather Kirkpatrick

Heather for the USDA Farm Service Agency in Dunn County, Wis.


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