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A farmer must be certified organic by a USDA-accredited certifier to use the word “organic” when describing or labeling products sold at farmers markets. The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) regulates  use of organic to ensure the integrity of the organic label–so consumers know how their food was grown when they buy organic.

This page offers resources to teach market managers and vendors about the organic label and the value of organic certification.



Fact Sheets

Farmers Market Promotions

Tips for Market Farmers


Fact Sheets

 For Market Managers


  For Market Vendors

  For Small-Scale Farmers Who Want to Use “Organic”

 Español: 10 Steps to Transition Fact Sheet

 Rua cov neeg dhla lag luam tom khw tshaav puam:
Txuj cai txug siv lus “Organic” tom tablaj tshaav puam
Farmers Market Vendor fact sheet translated to Hmong
Audio of Hmong translation:




Farmers Market Materials


    8.5×11 booth sign



Give your customers pocket brochures with tips on shopping for truly organic produce.

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Farmers’ experiences with certification:

Farmer finds organic certification opens doors
Many people in the sustainable farming community are at the same place we were a few years ago, farming using organic practices and marketing under sustainable, natural, or no-chemical labels. Like we did, they believe that organic certification is too cumbersome, expensive and of little benefit to their opera­tion. They wonder, “Is there really that much to be gained for all the efforts needed for that piece of paper?” Actually, there is.
Read the full story.

Farmers explain benefits of organic certification
There are many benefits to organic certification. Farmers become certified for a variety of reasons. Some producers see market opportunities while others have different motivations like consistent land stewardship. Read more.


Tips for Market Farmers

Access new markets under cottage food laws;
boost sales with improved packaging
January 2017

Cottage food laws enable us to create value-added products in our farm kitchens for public sale. Here’s how to make your products look professional yet communicate its hand-crafted nature to increase sales. Read more.

Experienced market farmers offer tips for success at your first farmers market
May | June 2014

Ask any seasoned organic grower, and they probably vividly remember their first day selling at a farmers market. Read more.


pegIs a farmers market a good marketing choice for you?
May 2014

There has been an incredible surge of consumer interest in farmers markets in the last 10 years, a boon for farmers seeking local markets. Read more.


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