Keep Children Safe on the Farm

Statistics on farm-related accidents among children are higher than you’d expect. Look below for resources and info to help ensure children’s safety on your farm.

Will o the Winds Farm, Emerald, Wis.

Will o the Winds Farm, Emerald, Wis.


NCCRAHS Logo 300 dpiMOSES has teamed up with the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety
to help farm families protect their children.
The National Children’s Center is the country’s leader
in setting voluntary guidelines to protect children
who live, visit and work on farms.


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New Guidelines

In summer 2017, the national center released 16 new Agricultural Youth Work Guidelines to help parents and others assign age-appropriate tasks for youth who live or work on farms and ranches. Get the guidelines here.



What makes tractors so dangerous for children?

What is it with tractors that makes them the most frequent cause of injury and death on farms? It seems like such a harmless act to lift your excited little one up onto the tractor for a ride through the field. Read more.



How to include your kids in farm work

So how DO we include our kids safely in the daily workings on the farm? We want them to learn to work and be a part of the big picture. How do we teach and include them while ensuring their safety? Read more.


12195812_963782153682812_9072004283575106504_nChild care options on and off the farm

As the farm season draws to a close, I reflect on the wonderful conversations I’ve had with farmers through my work with Children’s Farm Safety at MOSES. The biggest challenge we all seem to encounter is balancing parenting with the work that needs to get done. Read more.


Farmers share realities of caring for kids

I recently asked farm mamas, like me, how they care for their young children while farming. They shared their worries and their strategies for making the farm workday safer for their children. Read more.


Making playtime safe on our farm

Having a safe place for our young child on our farm is important. We’re finding that the reality of owning and operating a family farm business with one of us working off-farm for necessary stable income, is that we need to be able to work without actively parenting at the same time. Read more.


Understanding kids’ capabilities helps parents create safe environment

The statistics on farm accidents among U.S. children are sobering, if not downright terrifying. Every day, about 38 children are injured on farms, and a child dies about every three days from a farming-related incident… Read more.

From the Organic Broadcaster Newspaper

Parents share concerns about getting farm work done while caring for kids

As families return to farming, more and more parents are walking that fine balance of caring for little ones while getting the necessary work done on the farm. Read more.


ChildSafety -Machinery, vehicles, water sources among biggest dangers for kids on farms

Agriculture is our nation’s most dangerous occupation. Farms are the only worksites in the U.S. where children of any age can be present at any time. Read more.


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