Need Capital to Grow Your Farm Business?

Learn how to access FSA Loans:

  • Webinars on loan types, loan prep, and more
  • Examples from other farmers & mock interviews
  • Free downloadable worksheets


Prepare a STRONG loan application!

FSA helps farmers through a variety of programs, including loans. Use the resources on this page to navigate FSA loan options and prepare an application that’s more likely to be APPROVED!


(Make sure to download the companion worksheets below!)

Webinar 1  |  Different Types of FSA Loans

Webinar 2  |  FSA Farm Ownership Loans

Webinar 3  |  FSA Guaranteed Loans

Webinar 4  |  The FSA Application Process


Webinar 5  |  Learning the Lingo


Webinar 6  |  Putting Together the Resources You Need

Webinar 7  |  Business Planning

Webinar 8  |  Going Through a Mock Interview with FSA


Companion Worksheets:

To access the free worksheets, click the button below.

  1. Types of FSA Loans
  2. Farm Ownership Loans
  3. FSA Guaranteed Loans
  4. Prepare for Your FSA Loan Interview
  5. Learn the Lingo
  6. Resources for Completing FSA Forms
  7. Develop Your Farm Business Plan


Links to Additional Resources  |  FSA Loan Programs:

Farm Ownership Loans

Farm Operating Loans

Farm Storage Facility Loans

Conservation Loans

Emergency Farm Loans


Beginning Farmer and Rancher Loans

Youth Loans

Native American Loans

Minority and Women Farmer and Rancher Loans

Your Guide to FSA Farm Loans

Current Loan Rates (posted the 1st of each month)



Links to Additional Resources  |  Farm Business Support:

Farm Service Agency New Farmer Page  |  A USDA website to support beginning farmers

Fearless Farm Finances  |  A MOSES resource devoted to helping you keep records, organize your finance, and understand how to use them

New Organic Stewards Program  |  A MOSES project supporting beginning farmers – including Social Media networks, links to resources, and the opportunity to subscribe for more information

Farmer Training Opportunities  |  A MOSES collection of resources for beginning farmers

Building a Sustainable Business  |  A resource from SARE to help you plan your farm business

Business and Financial Planning  |  Business and financial training support through The Carrot Project

Beginning Farmer Institute  |  A National Farmers Union beginning farmer training program

Farm Beginnings Program  |  A beginning farmer training program through the Land Stewardship Project

Holistic Management  |  Resources and education to help you plan your farm business for financial and personal success


Links to Additional Resources  |  Forms, Guides, and Worksheets:

Make A Farm Business Plan  |  A USDA guide for new farmers putting together a business plan

Business Plan Worksheet  |  An FSA form to help you organize your farm business plan

Farm Training Experience Form  |  An FSA form to organize your farm training experience

Projected Actual Income Expense  |  An FSA worksheet to organize your projected versus actual income and expenses

Three Year Financial History  |  A USDA form to help you organize your financial history


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