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6 Ways to Diversify Your CSA Income
Lisa Kivirist writes about the meaning of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and how farms can expand their selections beyond vegetables. Benefits include not only an increase in income, but also a wider variety to interest more shareholders and strengthen relationships with current members. Find real farm ideas and examples with these six possibilities:

  • Fruit
  • Cheese and Dairy
  • Bread
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Salad

Agricultural Marketing Research Center: Marketing information including marketing plans, and understanding target markets.

ATTRA:  Social Media Tools for Farm Product Marketing

Comparison of Transaction Costs by Marketing Outlet is an Excel spreadsheet available to compare your marketing outlet numbers at Agricultural Decision Maker.

Markets and Profits: Exploring the Feasibility of Your Farming Ideas
An online course to get you started exploring the potential markets and profitability of your ideas. From the Cornell Small Farms Program.

Organic Farmers Agency for Relationship Marketing (OFARM)

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