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Young farmers find place to grow through Land Link-Up

The story of Big Head Farm, a remarkably diverse operation in Benton Harbor, Mich., illustrates how the right match can make all the difference for both farmer and landholder. Read more.


Farmland for Sale/Rent



FOR RENT:  Located approximately one mile from the town of Spring Valley, Wisconsin, land has not been farmed or fertilized for approximately 25 years. It has been in the family since the original homesteading. There are two fields available for organic farming, totaling about 36 acres. These fields are part of a picturesque 100 acre property, including a pond, rolling hills and wooded areas. Originally it was farmed with dairy cows and crops. Also, there was a sawmill on part of the property at one time. Owner would love to see part of it rented to a responsible party that would not use chemicals on it. Call 612-269-2269 or contact Claudia7/10/18

FOR RENT:  Approximately 30 acres located between Brussels and Sturgeon Bay. Last crop was corn in 2016. Rent negotiable, particularly for someone interested in planting hemp. Some storage area available for equipment if needed. Contact Lori6/8/18

FOR SALE:  Certified organic egg production farm for sale. 6579 County E, Shullsburg, Wi. 7.5 acres with turnkey facilities for 9,500 hens, 4 bedroom home, 2.5 acres high quality farmland (previously used for growing sweet corn), grain storage and much more. Includes feeding,  watering and egg gathering equipment. Ongoing egg contract has potential for $50,000-$100,000/year net income. Weekly paycheck with no commute.  Asking price $320,000 plus chicken and feed inventory. Call Dean at 608-482-1335.  5/30/18

FOR RENT:  3 acres of tillable ground available to rent in Mukwonago, WI (30 minutes from Milwaukee). Access to spring for irrigation and small greenhouse is included. Room in farmhouse may be available to rent as well. Owner has small market garden on site and willing to share tools/resources. Farm land can be certified organic in 2019. Contact Jesse.

FOR RENT:  Solutions in the Land (SITL) would like to announce farm leases between 5 and 30 acres in northeastern Kenosha County, on the Somers Farm, with easy access to I-94 and multiple Midwestern cities. Applications are currently being accepted for initial 12-24 month leases (rolling deadline). Housing adjacent to the farm is also available. A limited number of acres at the Somers Farm can be certified organic, and the remaining are in transition. Organic farming is not a requirement for tenancy, but a stewardship plan for building soil fertility and sustainable management will be included in a lease. Contact Stacy with questions or learn more here.

FOR RENT:  14 acres +/- available for rent by Otter Creek, Dunn County, Wisconsin (about 20 miles north of Menomonie). Around 5 acres has been tilled for the last couple of years. The rest is open and relatively flat. Organic only. Rent negotiable. Email David.
5/3 /18

FOR RENT:  Town of Dodgeville, Iowa County, WI. 14 acres of hayfield available for rent, one-year or long-term lease. Managed organically for over 20 years, though not certified. Located north of Hwy. 18/151 off of County Trunk Y/YZ. Call 608-574-4806 or contact Rick or Judy.

FOR RENT:  Baldwin, WI – seeking farm manager, renter and/or partner for 20-200 acres of tillable land. 80 acres certified organic. Currently raising hay, row crops and pasture raised beef.  Call 651-253-2262 or contact Laura.

FOR RENT:  Small farm for rent. Set up for small dairy, beef, sheep, pigs, chickens, orchard, berries, veggies. Large old farmhouse available with various outbuildings. Contact Debra or call 715-651-7184.   4/11/18

FOR RENT:  22 acres, rolling crop land, previous years soybeans and corn conventionally grown, 3 miles from Hager City, WI. The first growing year for no chemical use. Rich soil, no sand, $100.00 per acre. Contact Conrad or call 651-380-4061 if interested.   4/11/18



FOR SALE:  Historic 1 bedroom Sears home (circa 1917 ) on two acres with 5 outbuildings. There is an adjoining five acre pasture available for rent. Property is 50 miles north of St. Louis in Hagaman, Illinois, home of the J.L. Robinson General Store, established 1890. The price is $38,000 for all including some farm related items. Not currently farmed but has two paddocks with a few sheep for mowers. Call Bob to learn more @ 618-753-3384 .  7/5/18

FOR SALE OR RENT:  Amazing nature preserve-like property, 10.68 acres, large pond, stream and trails through old growth forest. Refurbished 4 bed/3.5 bath home, old barn, out-buildings & huge metal shed. 826 S. Rocky Hill Rd., Galena. About 3 acres tillable that were under CRP for years. Property used as a B&B for 20 years, prior to that a dairy farm. Owner financing available. See for detailed information about the property. Contact Ray or call 773-354-8456.  6/29/18

FOR RENT:  A small farm operation that owner would like to turn over to an interested hard working individual(s). 15 acres total, mostly pasture.  1/2 acre garden, pastured Berkshire pork, pastured layer hens and meat birds including turkeys. Committed to picking up produce trimmings and beer grain daily as livestock feed. Land is not organic, but a sustainable operation, have not used chemical fertilizer in over 20 years. There is an animal barn, poultry housing, and a 24 X 40 hoop house. Looking for someone to take over complete operation. Can change it from current with approval by owner. Located about 20 miles south of Chicago. Contact Steve or call 708-534-7405 .  5/22/18

FOR RENT:  80-100 acres of certifiable row crop land in Ridott Illinois. Call Paul at 815-449-2310.  4/12/18



FOR RENT:  Approx. 12 tillable acres in rural Marion, IN that has been in hay for the 3 years. No chemicals or synthetic nutrients applied. Soil testing completed last year. Just starting certified organic application process – interested in hemp when available here, but open to other ideas, not conventional cash renting. Contact Kara .  6/26/18

FOR SALE:  Farm near Columbus, Indiana. 71 acres, 44 tillable, 22.3 CF, 54 CRP with income. Will qualify for organic certification in 2021.  Comes with a 3 bedroom house. Contact Lucy or call 541-510-9655.  6/21/18



Check back for land opportunities in Iowa.



FOR SALE:  8 1/2 acres for sale in Northeast Kansas (near Effingham). Property includes a vintage farmhouse and a 6000 square foot commercial building constructed in 2008. Property has been used previously as a boarding and grooming facility for dogs and cats. Details, maps and photos are available on the website for the property.  Learn more.   7/13/18



FOR SALE:  Owners would like to hire regular part-time worker to train for future partner/owner of certified organic/vegan 55 acre farm. Located in mid-Michigan near Sterling, they market to stores/restaurants/seed companies and have own farm stand. Crops include garlic, potatoes, heirloom dry beans, mixed vegetables, and fruit. Looking for enthusiastic hard-working person/persons. Room and board can be included.  Contact Janet or call 989-654-4031.   6/1/18



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Outside the Midwest


FOR SALE:  400 acres, great development potential! 2.5 miles to the 268 interchange~1250 sq. ft. caretaker home, 3 miles to Caney Fork River, 5 miles to Center Hill Lake, 10 miles to Cordell Hull Lake, 3200′ cleared air strip suitable for general aviation aircraft~33 minutes to Mt. Juliet~20 minutes to TNTech~40 minutes to Nashville Airport~approx. 5000′ of road frontage~bottom land~city water~ natural creeks.  Call 615-792-6100 or contact Amanda.  7/11/18




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WANTED TO RENT OR BUY:  Beginning livestock farmer seeking a small farm in Southern Wisconsin. Organic principles would be used. Barn with water/electric and strong perimeter fencing around pastures would be ideal. Open to lease with option to buy. Call 262-502-7687 or contact Lois.  6/29/2018

WANTED TO BUY:  Former Naval Officer and beginning farmer and wife searching for 10+ acres to start a small scale sustainable pig/poultry/flower farm in or near the Driftless region of Wisconsin. Prefer parcel with mix of woodlands and clearing. House with 3+ bedrooms prefer 2000 sq ft+ but open to possibilities. Contact James.  5/23/2018

WANTED TO BUY:  Looking for a 3 bedroom, 20+ acre farm with a big old barn, forest, clean and preferably spring-fed stream or lake in the driftless, protected from drift and runoff from conventional farms. Hoping for land north of 18/151. Having land connected to a state park would be ideal! Contact Amelia.  5/14/2018

WANTED TO RENT:  Looking for small farm or farmhouse in the country. Partner just received a teaching job at UW-River Falls and looking into options of country living around that area. In addition to country living, also seeking to learn about sustainable farming startup. Looking for mentors if established. Contact Nik.   5/8/2018

WANTED TO RENT OR BUY:  Looking for land to either buy or rent and start a small organic produce operation with the possibility of chickens and goats. 1-2 acres would be ideal with access to water and electricity. Flexibility for a hoophouse. Southeastern and Driftless regions of Wisconsin are strongly preferred.. Call 262-443-9715 or contact Erika  5/1/2018

WANTED TO RENT:  Beekeeper with 10 years experience is looking for a new location near Madison for bee yards and work space. Need clean environment to set up 10 hives storage/work space for equipment for several pallets of extra hive equipment. Would like to build up to 30-40 hives again. Current location is surrounded by corn fields and storage space is limited. Ideal storage space would be large enough to pull a truck inside and work out of the weather. Call 920-841-9841 or contact Ellen   5/1/2018

WANTED TO RENT:  A family of 3 w/a dog seeking a farmhouse with acreage from May – September 2018 while searching for own farm. Wish to grow our own food and are willing to do some care taking for land and livestock. Land with a clean stream or pond would be preferable but isn’t required. Contact Amelia. 4/24/2018

WANTED TO RENT:  Looking for an organic/ transition dairy farm in SE WI.  Looking to milk 50-60 cows with pasture land or open fields to make pasture to graze. Would like a stall barn and loafing area for winter housing. Currently in the dairy grazing apprenticeship, looking to move back to SE WI to be closer to family. Wants to lease for 3 years to get feet on the ground, then to purchase the farm.  Please call 920-723-7365 or contact Derek. 4/24/2018



Check back for land opportunities in Illinois.



Check back for land opportunities in Iowa.



WANTED TO BUY OR RENT:  Farming vacant lots in North Minneapolis (economically depressed area). Also actively looking for 10+ acres for organic commercial Ag just West of Twin Cities metro area. Beginning farmer. Contact Kevin .  7/17/2018



WANTED TO BUY:  Looking to purchase 1-6 acres for personal use for organic gardening/farming – would like to grow vegetables and fruit trees and possibly have some chickens and goats later on. Wants to buy nice clean land with surrounding areas clean as well. Looking for something close to Grand Rapids. Beginning farmer. Contact Shannon .   5/29/2018

WANTED TO RENT OR BUY:  An animal science/dairy management student looking to start farming in a few years. Mainly pasture based cow/calf dairy and beef operation and contribute to research on animal welfare and sustainability. Doesn’t have any access to land currently. Would appreciate any guidance on finding land. Please contact Scout .   5/23/2018



WANTED TO RENT OR BUY:  A beginning farmer looking for land in Central Ohio, within 50 miles of London. Interested in organic, transition, and conventional land. Crops would depend on the land and available improvements, namely irrigation. Please contact Michael or call 614-715-1453.   4/24/2018


Outside Midwest

WANTED TO RENT:  A farmer looking to break into organic, pasture-based farming is seeking someone with land not being used that would be willing to lease. Looking in Florida, Georgia or Alabama. Please contact Chris or call 850-896-8829.   6/19/2018



WANTED TO BUY:  Former “organic-like” dairy family looking to purchase land suitable for sustainable homesteading in the Grand Island, Nebraska area. Could be organic, CRP, or rangeland with minimal to no chemical usage. Prefer to have trees and some hills. Aiming for 80 acres but will consider other options. Contact David.  7/3/2018


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