MOSES Organic Farming Podcast

The MOSES Organic Farming Podcast dives into the most relevant topics of sustainable and organic farming. The show draws on interviews with farmers and ag professionals, as well as audio from conference workshops and field days.




Organic Specialist Chuck Anderas hosts this podcast. Chuck has been an organic inspector and a certification agent. He has also worked on small-scale fruit, vegetable, and livestock farms in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida. He has a degree in agricultural education.

Special thanks to musician Riley Hartnett for use of “Summerfields.”


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Episode 1: Market Farming in a Pandemic
COVID-19 has forced us all to make big changes fast. This is especially true for market farmers. In our first episode, we talk to vegetable growers Katie Bishop and Rebecca Henderson on how they’ve adjusted so far, as well as online marketing expert Janelle Maiocco on how to quickly get started in online sales.




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