Find a Farm

Farmers: Connect with certified organic farmers near you

More resources for finding farms are listed in the Consumer section below. 
If you’re looking for farmland, check our Land Link-Up page.

USDA AMS National List of Certified Operations
Search by state, products, and many other parameters. This is the only list that has certified farms all in one place.

USDA ERS Data on Organic Production
Useful webpage with links to national and state organic production information.

Minnesota Organic Farms Directory
The Minnesota Dept. of Ag maintains this directory of organic farms to help farmers assess production and market opportunities and form production and marketing alliances.

Organic Agriculture in Wisconsin
The University of Wisconsin’s 2015 report has specific data for the state, including a map with the locations of organic farms and processors.

Organic Certification Agencies
These agencies will know about farms in the area that they have certified. To find certification agencies, see our online Organic Resource Directory.


Consumers: Buy directly from the farmer / find a farmers’ market

The links below will help you find a farm selling directly to consumers—Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)—or farmers’ markets near you. This list starts with national resources and then those in Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

USDA Farmers’ Market Directory 
A national directory with over 8,100 markets listed.

Local Harvest 
A national online farm list. Search for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA CSAs, farmers markets, u-pick farms, etc., by ZIP code.

Eat Well Guide 
Find wholesome, fresh, sustainable food throughout the US and Canada. Eat local on a roadtrip! Search by ZIP code, keyword, city or state.

2014 Iowa CSA Farms 

Iowa Farmers’ Markets
A statewide list provided by the Des Moines Register newspaper.

Michigan Farmers’ Market Association
Find a farmers’ market near you.

Minnesota Farmers’ Market Association
A statewide list of markets throughout Minnesota.

CSA Farm Directory
The Land Stewards Project’s 2015 directory provides detailed information on over 75 farms that deliver to locations in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Farm Fresh Atlas 
Your road map to healthy eating. Regional food guide includes farms, farmers markets, restaurants, stores and other businesses that sell local food and use sustainable production and business practices.

FairShare Coalition 
Find Madison, Wis. area CSAs.

Wisconsin Farmers’ Market Association
A list of markets throughout Wisconsin.

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