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In Her Boots supports women farmers by providing resources and collaborative opportunities to champion new business start-ups that support food system change.

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About In Her Boots

What’s the key ingredient to stimulating the health of our environment, food system, communities and economy?  More women farmers leading the way by raising healthy, organic food for our nation’s tables. As the number of women-owned farms and businesses continues to grow, opportunity abounds for women of all backgrounds, ages, and interests to craft a livelihood that blends meaning with stewarding the planet and transforming our food system.

In Her Boots champions these women by providing networking and educational opportunities, including the acclaimed “In Her Boots” workshops.

We launched In Her Boots as the MOSES Rural Women’s Project in 2009 specifically to provide training, outreach, and a voice for women in organic and sustainable agriculture, both in the Midwest and nationally.  In Her Boots encompasses a variety of programs to facilitate collaboration and support the growing number of women starting farms and food-based businesses, strengthening local food systems and building committed, engaged partnerships with other non-profits and agencies such as the Wisconsin Farmers Union and the Women, Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN).