The In Her Boots format encourages women farmers to learn from each other. In this pandemic year, we moved our In Her Boots events online as webinars and built on them through our In Her Boots Podcast, a weekly enews, and our Facebook group. Listen to the podcast episodes and check out the enews for tips to help you build capacity to manage the many curveballs of farming.



Resilience Boot Camp

Weekly Enews:
A roundup of ideas for building resiliency
Week 1: Building the Toolbox
Week 2: Cultivating Mindfulness
Week 3: Gratitude
Week 4: Taking Care of Your Body
Week 5: Regeneration
Week 6: Grit
Week 7: Connection
Week 8: Community


Podcast: The “In Her Boots” podcast featured resiliency-focused conversations during our boot camp.
Episode 154: Dr. JohnElla Holmes on Resilience through Community
Episode 153: Kelsey Ducheneaux on Strength through Connection
Episode 152: Mariann Holm on Grit
Episode 151: Molly Rockamann on Regeneration
Episode 150: Laura Gosewisch on Taking Care of Your Body While Farming
Episode 149: Cynthie Christensen on Gratitude in Farming
Episode 148: Venice Williams on Mindfulness in Farming
Episode 147: Meg Moynihan on Building Your Resilience Toolbox
Episode 146: Lisa Kivirist on ‘Resilience Boot Camp’


In Her Boots Facebook Group: Share ideas, ask questions, and continue the conversations brought up in our Resilience Boot Camp podcast episodes and enews. If you haven’t joined the group yet, now’s your chance! Ask to join here.

Webinars: Since we can’t really gather as usual for our In Her Boots workshops, we’ve gone virtual! Watch the July and August webinars below.




How to Set Priorities & Manage Time
With Charlotte Smith, 3 Cow Marketing

Learn how to work smarter not harder, focused on ways to prioritize your own physical and mental health even when you’re pulled in many directions.

Charlotte created a sustainable farm-to-consumer business selling premium meats, poultry, eggs, and milk. She now shares her marketing savvy with other farmers through 3 Cow Marketing and hosts The Profitable Mindset podcast.


She’s Got Your Back: Tap into
a Support Network

With Denise O’Brien
Rolling Acres Farm

Watch webinar on YouTube.

What’s the key ingredient that fuels our growing organic women farmer movement? The support of other women farmers! Listen to our conversation with pioneering organic farmer Denise O’Brien and harvest ideas for your resilience toolkit.

Denise O’Brien has farmed with her husband, Larry Harris, for over 40 years in southwest Iowa. For over 30 years, Denise has helped develop agriculture policy on the state, national, and international level working specifically on local food systems and conservation issues. She is the founder of the Women, Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN).



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