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In Her Boots: Sustainable Farming For Women, By Women


The In Her Boots format encourages women farmers to learn from each other by sharing their ideas and experiences. These day-long, on-farm workshops include a formal education session, a detailed farm tour, lunch and networking opportunities. Women just starting on their farm or food business journey are especially encouraged to attend.

Each Boots workshop covers different topics; plan to attend more than one!


“The In Her Boots workshop did so much for me.
It was the first female farming training I’d ever heard of.”

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2017 Completed Workshops

Click on the links to see the 5 ‘take-aways’ from a participant’s perspective!

In Her Boots: Market Farming in Suburbs
August 24 |Radical Root Organic Farm | Libertyville, Ill.





In Her Boots: Field to Plate Perennial Fruit
August 9 | Blue Fruit Farm | Winona, Minn.





In Her Boots: Realize Your Farming Dream
August 4 | Circle M Market Farm | Blanchardville, Wis.





Soil Sisters
August 4-6 | South Central Wisconsin

This legendary event celebrates Wisconsin’s women-run farms around Monroe, New Glarus, Blanchardville, and Brodhead.




In Her Boots: Grass-Fed Beef & Dairy in a Diversified System
July 12Brattset Family Farm | Jefferson, Wis.





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“All walks of life and all levels of experience were represented and embraced. It also was a great combination of classroom-style learning and hands-on workshop.”

“I came away from the workshop more confident in my farming abilities, more sure of my farm dreams being realized, and more connected with like-minded women, including mentors that I’ve been able to reach out to on on an ad hoc basis for the last 2 years now. I am now settled in on my farm and beginning to put into practice some of the important lessons I learned, I’m in my own boots now, in part because of In Her Boots.”



Women Caring for the Land:
Conservation Training for Women LandownersWomenCaringForLand

The MOSES Rural Women’s Project partners with the Women, Food and Agriculture Network to offer FREE workshops in Wisconsin to teach women landowners how to improve water and soil quality on their agricultural acreage. The goal is to empower women to make science-based land management decisions that lead to more viable communities and stronger farm enterprises while improving and sustaining the quality of our natural resources.

Watch for news of events in 2018!

• Discover state and federal resources and programs that can help fund environmentally friendly land management.

•  Meet women staffers from agencies and nonprofits who can connect you with resources in the county where your land is located.

•  Take the opportunity for one-on-one consultation to help achieve your land management and legacy goals.

•  Learn more about soil health and conservation principles.

•  Understand effective land management strategies for an absentee landowner.

•  Start to develop a long-term land management vision for your conservation legacy.


This project is a partnership of the Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES); the Women, Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN); USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS); and other organizations working together to provide information, networking, and resources to Wisconsin women landowners and farmers.

Questions? Want to be notified about workshops offered near you? Please contact Lisa Kivirist, MOSES Rural Women’s Project Coordinator.


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