New Farmer U Workshops

Friday, Oct. 29
12:30-4:30 p.m.

Add on our popular workshop based on the book Fearless Farm Finances, published by MOSES.

With author Paul Dietmann of Compeer Financial
Just $25
Includes a copy of the book!

Learn basic farm financial management, including how to:

  • Complete your Schedule F
  • Draft a balance sheet
  • Create enterprise budgets
  • Analyze your profits

Take the workshop on its own or add it to your New Farmer U experience. Use the registration button below.

Saturday, Oct. 30

Keynote Farmer Panel
Established farmers discuss Growth, Profitability, Balance & Success: What do these benchmarks mean and how have you measured and achieved them?

Each participant will be able to attend 3 workshops and the farmer panel.
* indicates workshop will include preliminary work to give you more from the class

Developing Wholesale Markets and Institutional Sales
Join a panel of farmers and wholesale buyers to learn how they formed and maintained their relationships and what it takes to sell wholesale.

* Income Diversification: Reining it in

Use the farm’s balance sheet, enterprise budgets and cash flow projections to evaluate income streams, decide what’s working, what isn’t, and where things can be tightened up. Presented by Paul Dietmann from Compeer Financial
Paul Dietmann is Senior Lending Specialist at Compeer Financial, a member-owned rural lending cooperative and Farm Credit System institution serving the upper Midwest.  He co-leads Compeer’s Emerging Markets Program, which provides loans and business planning assistance to farmers who market their products through local food systems.

Land Access and Financing
Land Access Navigators from Renewing the Countryside discuss land access and financing, and the steps to move from leased to purchased land.

Online Marketing
Your web assets should be your hardest working employee — Join Katie Myhre to learn how to choose the right online marketing channels that compliment your business plans, as well as how to best structure your online presence in a way that fits your schedule.
Katie Myhre has been helping farmers, food businesses, farmers markets, and food hubs in Minnesota go online for nearly 8 years. Her goal is to keep farmers farming by connecting them with the right tools and focused strategy to become more profitable. 

Farm Employment Law
Rachel Armstrong of Farm Commons explains how to build legal resilience when it comes to your employees, interns, volunteers, or anyone else who helps out on the farm.
As the founder and Executive Director of Farm Commons, Rachel Armstrong creates the organization’s innovative approach to farm law education and risk reduction. As a leading authority on direct to consumer farm law she has authored dozens of publications on farm law matters for farmers, alongside several academic and trade publications for attorneys. Ms. Armstrong instructs continuing legal education classes for the American Bar Association, teaches farm law for the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and is a co-author of “Farmers’ Guide to Business Structures,” published by Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education.

* Whole Farm Recordkeeping
Drive your own record-keeping bus, instead of it driving you. Join David Van Eeckhout from The Good Acre to learn how to keep the records you need to run a successful farm business first, and then tailor them to meet the needs of certifiers or other third-parties.
After years of working for other farmers, David Van Eeckhout and his wife started Hog’s Back Farm in Western Wisconsin in 2002. Their focus was to grow high-quality certified organic produce for their CSA members and to raise a family. When the CSA market began to soften, David took a job with The Good Acre to offer technical assistance to other farmers. As the immediate needs of farmers extended beyond production and marketing, David has gone back to school to take classes in accounting, finance, economics, business law and statistics, as well as consultant trainings with UW’s Food Finance Institute. As The Good Acre’s Farm Program Director, David combines his experience in farming and business to help farmers be sustainable both financially and in the field.

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