Organic University

These in-depth courses take place just before the MOSES Organic Farming Conference, allowing you to attend both. (Separate fees apply).

Each full-day course includes a customized book with course content and additional resources. Books available only to the participants of that course.




2018 Organic University Courses

Click on the course title to see the description and learn more about the presenters.


Growing Profits on Vegetable & Livestock Farms
Jim Munsch
, Deer Run Farm
John Hendrickson, University of Wisconsin



Successful Biological Orcharding
Michael Phillips
, Lost Nation Orchard




From the Ground Up: Organic Pastured Beef
Laura Paine
, Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship
Kent Solberg, Sustainable Farming Association of Minn.



Land Access Boot Camp
Brett Olson
, Renewing the Countryside
Kathy Ruhf, Land For Good
Tess Brown-Lavoie, Land For Good



Maximizing Hoophouse Production
Andrew Mefferd
, Growing for Market




Assessing Soil Health
Justin Morris, USDA – NRCS
Joel Gruver, Western Illinois University



Ecological Weed Management
Dave Mortenson
, Penn State
Matt Liebman, Iowa State



Food Safety, GAP & FSMA for Veggies
Annalisa Hultberg
, University of Minnesota
Kelly Maynard, University of Wisconsin
Laura Frerichs, Loon Organics
Teresa Wiemerslage, Iowa State


Maximizing Health and Profitability in Organic Dairy
Francis Thicke
, Radiance Dairy
Guy Jodarski, Organic Valley CROPP Cooperative



Organic Transition for Commercial-Scale Farms
John Mesko
Bob Yanda, Midwestern BioAg
Kellee James, Mercaris
Dave Bishop
, PrairiErth Farm
Ross Duffield, Rodale Institute
Danielle Kusner, The Anderson
Matt Leavitt, MOSES


Growing & Marketing Food-Grade Small Grains
Thor Oechsner, Oechsner Farms
Harold Wilken, Janie’s Farm Organics
John Wepking, Meadowlark Farm







Organic University began in 2001 with six courses on transitioning to organic, organic transplant production, soil management, organic market gardening, organic livestock production, and an introduction to organic farming.



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