Wholesale Vegetable Production
for Small to Mid-Scale Farms

February 21, 2019  |  10 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.  |  La Crosse, Wis.



Ariel Pressman, Seed to Seed Farm
David Giedd, Lakewinds Natural Foods



  • How to determine best crops to grow
  • Systems and investments necessary for wholesale production
  • How to determine crops and markets most appropriate for your specific farm scale, skill set, and set-up
  • How to create a wholesale production business plan which will create profit and quality of life



Dwindling CSA numbers? Ho-hum turnout at the farmers market? Growing for wholesale accounts might be a better option.

Instructor Ariel Pressman’s Seed to Seed Farm is a 13-acre certified organic vegetable farm, which sells almost 100% to wholesale customers. He’ll examine the specific systems and investments needed for different wholesale models, and help you determine which crops and markets are most appropriate for your specific farm scale, skill set, and set up.

One of his customers, Lakewinds Natural Foods’ produce category manager David Giedd, will share tips on working with retailers.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a customized wholesale plan detailing the crops you’ll grow, how you’ll set prices, and how you’ll market your crops—a business plan that will balance profits with your desired quality of life.


Presenter bios:

Ariel Pressman
Ariel Pressman is a 1st generation farmer who has been running Seed to Seed Farm for 7 seasons. Seed to Seed is a 13 acre certified organic vegetable farm which does 100% of its sales to larger wholesale customers. Seed to Seed also grows wholesale plant starts for garden centers in the spring.


David Giedd
David Giedd is the produce category manager at Lakewinds Natural Foods, a cooperative chain of grocery stores located in the West suburbs of Minneapolis. David’s responsibilities include the selection, pricing, and merchandising of all produce at Lakewinds locations. David also manages Lakewinds’ relationships with local vegetable and fruit farms, including planning product mix and logistics with local partners.





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