Organic 2051

The Organic 2051 Forum took place in conjunction with the 2019 MOSES Organic Farming Conference in La Crosse, Wis. Participants convened to define a collective vision of the future of organic agriculture and our food systems. Through dialogue, facilitation, and art, the community shared a broader understanding of how we want our food systems to evolve and support the world’s population as it grows past the year 2051.

Small groups defined gaps, resources, and action steps that can be taken in numerous areas to help us all achieve this vision. As one steps back from those small steps to look at the whole, the sight is truly something to behold. MOSES is proud of the amazing organic community and our role within it as a facilitator, shepherd, educator, and network.

As MOSES takes the day’s notes to clarify them and organize them into a more succinct road map for our community, we want the whole community to be able to access the day’s raw information. As you look through them, we hope that you see places where your unique skills, talents, knowledge, and network fits. We hope that you take up the mantle and help us all move toward this grand future. We also hope that you will consider MOSES your partner for these endeavors. None of us can do this work alone and the community is stronger when we all leverage our uniqueness.

Together, we have the power to create lasting and impactful change. Organic 2051 is imperfect and incomplete, but the shared vision of a better future for agriculture and our food systems is powerful. Please help us to continue the good work of achieving these goals.

To see the raw results of the day, click here.

The “Collective Vision” of the Organic 2051 participants was created from the aspirational portion of all the participants’ applications.

Through a facilitated process, Organic 2051 attendees identified issue areas that presented gaps or opportunities for future improvement.

At the end of the Organic 2051 Forum, the group created a “Harvest of the Day” debriefing the conversations, aspirations, and potential of this vision for the future of farming.

To see a list of selected participants, click here.


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