Organic 2051

Thursday, Feb. 21, 2019
Radisson Hotel, La Crosse, Wis.

In conjunction with the MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

Apply now to be one of the 100 change-makers drafting the blueprint for a future shaped by regenerative organic practices & infrastructure that sustains the world’s population far beyond 2050.

What is Organic 2051 all about?  The world needs our community to stand forth with a plan for how we intend to answer the question of feeding a growing planet, sustainably. MOSES is bringing farmers and leaders in the organic research, education, policy, and consumer communities together to project needs and plans to create a pathway for further adoption of organic farming practices in the US and globally.

How to participate:

Applications closed at midnight, November 30, 2018. In the next few days, the planning committee will select participants from among these applications, and we will notify selected participants on December 17, 2018.

Focus Areas – Organic 2051 will address this issues and more:

  • Production Issues
    1. Cover Crops, crop rotations, soil health
    2. Proximity – (drift, pollinators, conventional juxtaposition)
    3. Tillage – water quality, carbon sequestration
  • Community Issues
    1. Organic Certification – the label, competing labels
    2. Vertical integration of organic agriculture and its impact
    3. Rural Community revitalization
  • Sociological Issues
    1. Barriers to converting to organic
    2. Reaching disadvantaged and underserved farmers
    3. Market Infrastructure


The Forum schedule and agenda will be announced soon.
If you have questions, email

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