Pesticide Drift

Pesticide drift is a serious concern. Prevention is the first step. These resources can help you protect your land.

Click If Drift Occurs for immediate steps to take.


Protecting Your Organic Land from Unwanted Chemical Spray

MOSES Fact Sheet

DriftWatch™ and FieldWatch Registries
Growers in the Midwest and many other states can register their land in through these nonprofit registries. The mapping tool shows commercial applicators fields to avoid when spraying. Beekeepers also can mark the locations of beehives. It is free to use this service.


Steps to Take if Drift Occurs


  1. If you are not feeling well, immediately see your family doctor or go to the emergency room. Pesticide exposure should not be taken lightly.
  2. Write down the date, time, and location of incident. Include details such as wind direction, consequences from the spray drift, and owner of land intentionally sprayed.
  3. Contact your state’s pesticide enforcement agency. Call the agency as soon as possible, ideally within 48 hours of the incident.

 In Case of Drift: A Toolkit for Responding to Pesticide Drift



Pesticide Action Network of North America

National Pesticide Information Center

Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund

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