Grower Groups

Farmer-to-farmer education is what we’re all about. Our grower groups are a great way for farmers to connect and learn from each other.

You can organize a group based on your geographical region, an interest you have, some change you want to make, a co-op you want to start, or a specific crop or type of production. The groups are yours to direct. MOSES will support you in the following ways:

  • Help like-minded people find you (through targeted promotion, this webpage, news briefs in our enews, and stories in the Organic Broadcaster)
  • Offer an online platform for meetings
  • Help find speakers/trainers for things you want to learn about
  • Promote events planned by leaders (if you want to invite a larger audience)
  • Promote at relevant field days/events
  • Support for group leaders
  • Search for funding for specific projects if needed

NCR-SARE has generously provided funding to help establish some of these Grower Groups.


How to Start a Group

  • Check the list and map below to see if there is an existing group that fits your needs
  • Fill out this form to give us some information about the group you want to start. You can also directly contact MOSES Organic Specialist Chuck Anderas. You can work directly with him to develop a plan to get started. Email him at or call him at MOSES at 888-906-6737 ext. 1.


MOSES Grower Groups

  • Growing Wellness
    • Growing Wellness is a group of farmers and others who are searching for support, resources, and community around mental health and stress. It currently consists of a moderated email group that is a safe place to share about mental health issues, and monthly meetings every fourth Tuesday of the month. Up-to-date details on these meetings can be found on the MOSES Community Calendar. For more information, contact Hawthorn McCracken at




  • Local Women in Sustainable Agriculture Networks
    • These groups meet regularly for potlucks and farm tours/group projects. Please click on the link above for more information, and to get in touch with local group leaders.
  • Farmers Against Racism
  • Farmer Researchers
    • This is a group of farmers interested in conducting research on their farms. We have an email group to ask questions and share information related to on-farm research, including topics such as designing trials, conducting research, analyzing data, finding outside collaborators and advisors, applying for grant funding to support your research, and sharing your results with other farmers. Join now to help determine the direction of this new group. Click here to join.
  • Queer and Trans on the Land
    • Queer and Trans on the Land is a newly forming community for nonbinary, trans, and gender non-conforming farmers to share resources and (eventually) gather in place-based community. All queer/LGBTQ folks are welcome, but we will center the experiences of gender diverse and transgender folks.
    • The group will be based in Southwestern Wisconsin, but anyone in the region is welcome to join. Right now we are starting as a Facebook group, but hopefully will expand to other platforms as we grow. We are going to start out as a virtual community and discussion group, but when it is safe again we hope to host potlucks, workshops, and maybe even retreats together. Find our group on Facebook and contribute to our Community Document to help shape our vision for trans community on the land! Feel free to contact Hawthorn McCracken, with any questions.


Other Groups Around the Midwest

There are a lot of existing groups around the Midwest. Check this map to see if there is a group that matches your interests or is in your area. The pins show groups that are not specific to a particular region. Click on the group for more information and for contact information for the group leaders. To sort by group type, click the icon in the top left to remove layers.

If you are part of a group that is not on this map, please contact Chuck at

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