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In Her Boots: Sustainable Farming For Women, By Women

Spend the day with an inspiring group of women farmers and educators dedicated to transforming our food system. These day-long, on-farm workshops includes a detailed farm tour, lunch and networking opportunities. With a focus on sharing experiences, stories and ideas, the In Her Boots format builds on the idea that women farmers learn best from each other. Bring your questions! Women just starting on their farm or food business dream are especially encouraged to attend.

Each Boots workshop covers different topics and women are welcome to attend more than one.

Space is limited and registration required. 

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Previous 2015 Events

Christensen Farm, Katy Dickson, Browntown, Wis.

Topics: managing a CSA, growing cover crops, creating a family-friendly operation, and buying affordable equipment



Soil Sisters
South Central Wisconsin Women in Sustainable Agriculture

The jam-packed Soil Sisters culinary event celebrates Wisconsin’s family farms and rural life in and around the farming communities of Monroe and Brodhead, Wis.


Women Caring for the Land:
Conservation Training for Women Landowners


Maintaining healthy soil is the key to productivity and environmental health for our farmland. These workshops teach women landowners how to assess and improve the health of their soils through cover crops, no-till and strip-till, and other conservation practices.

The MOSES Rural Women’s Project partners with Women, Food and Agriculture Network to offer these workshops in Wisconsin. Check back for 2016 schedule.

Read about Women Caring for the Land in the Organic Broadcaster.

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