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Common sense biosecurity steps help keep organic livestock healthy

The recent outbreak of avian influenza affected conventional confinement poultry farms to a much greater degree than organic operations; but that doesn’t mean we can be complacent…  Read more.


Organic Farmers of Year model excellent land stewardship

Thirteen deserving farmers/farm families have earned the MOSES Organic Farmer of the Year award since it was first presented in 2003. Nominations are due Sept. 15 for the 2016 title…. Read more.


Organic certification needed to reclaim ‘organic’ label

Being a certified organic farmer or certified organic operator of any type is an achievement that reflects a producer’s commitment to a healthy planet…. Read more.


Hail insurance provides protection, peace of mind

In a season marked by unusual weather, crop hail insurance protects farmers’ investment and offers peace of mind. A crop hail insurance policy provides coverage by the acre and allows farmers to insure up to 100 percent…. Read more.


Potlucks help women network, grow organic movement locally

Ask an organic farmer what was his or her best source of information on farming, and you probably won’t get a book or website recommendation. Undoubtedly, it will be another organic farmer. Read more.


Author offers sage advice for small-scale, beginning market farmers

Jean-Martin Fortier’s book speaks to aspiring farmers who will farm on smaller parcels of land, providing sound advice on how to profitably raise vegetables on as little as 1.5 acres of land with only a modest initial investment. Read more.


Research shows farmers use mob grazing for variety of benefits

For those of us interested in grass-based agriculture, mob grazing is likely not a new concept. We’ve heard the mob-grazing gurus talk at conferences, read the articles…. Read more.


Partners start open-sourced network to grow seeds for research, preservation

Nate Kleinman and his business partner, Dusty Hinz, have created the Experimental Farm Network, an open-source network to facilitate collaboration on plant breeding projects and other agricultural research. Read more.


Changing climate impacting agriculture, especially livestock production

“Thing are warming up,” said Bill Bland, University of Wisconsin Extension Soil and Water Conservation Specialist, during his workshop on climate and agriculture at the 2015 MOSES Conference. Read more.


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