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Farmers develop model for producing poultry in regenerative system

For my team, it was critical to enter the food and agriculture systems work by choosing a universal livestock, the chicken. This strategy is central to engaging people in the foundational tenet of systems change. Read more.


After USDA halts organic check-off proposal, groups look for alternatives

The USDA terminated the proposed rule for an organic check-off program in May due to a “lack of consensus within the industry in support for the proposed program.” The agency’s unexpected move shocked the program’s proponents, while opponents breathed sighs of relief.  Read more.


Groups build coalition to create regenerative agriculture system in Midwest

50 people representing Midwest farm and farming-related businesses, nonprofits, investors, and economic development officials gathered recently in Northfield, Minnesota, to identify next steps toward formalizing the goals and launch of Regeneration Midwest (RM).  Read more.


Researchers share five ‘fast facts’ to help growers understand biofertilizers

Microbe-containing crop biostimulants or biofertilizers are popular among growers and a growing source of revenue for product manufacturers and suppliers. Yet, many questions are unanswered.  Read more.


Industrial hemp interest high, but infrastructure, legalities still roadblocks

Progress has been made in research, and a lot of farmers are interested in hemp production. But the ultimate question—can hemp be a profitable crop for American farmers?—hasn’t been satisfactorily answered. Read more.


Farmer’s problems in rural Kansas smack of racial discrimination

While most farmers struggle to make a living, not all have to contend with racial discrimination. For some, though, racism is a real and enduring problem, as Valencia’s story shows. Read more.


Dirt-under-the-fingernails wisdom shared through MOSES mentor program

With many years of experience in organic dairy and grain farming plus a bachelor’s degree in education, Dave Campbell finds it natural to be teaching the next generation of organic farmers through the MOSES Farmer-to Farmer Mentoring Program. Read more.


Produce growers: Take steps now to comply with FSMA Produce Safety Rule

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Regulation is the country’s first mandatory federal standard for the safe production of fruits and vegetables. It is being implemented in stages, with some rules in effect since 2016, and more taking effect in January 2019. Read more.


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