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Research moves forward on organic corn that won’t cross with transgenic varieties

Maize, commonly called corn, is an incredibly productive crop that works well in organic crop rotations in many parts of North America. Since the lax release of transgenic varieties of maize (corn carrying DNA from other species) 20-plus years ago, it has become very difficult to grow uncontaminated organic maize. Read more.


Couple takes second mentorship for new farm enterprise: livestock

When husband-and-wife team Anton Ptak and Rachel Henderson decided to add livestock to their fruit operation they turned to a resource that had already served them well: the MOSES Farmer-to-Farmer Mentoring Program. Read more.


Former MOSES Organic Farmers of Year talk about generational farm transfer

Tom and Irene Frantzen are leaders in their willingness to tackle generational farm transfer issues—and in being willing to share so that others may learn as well. They also are proponents of the leadership principles in Jim Collins’ book Good to Great…. Read more.


Organic animal welfare needs to be gold standard

The recently proposed rule for organic animal welfare has caused a ruckus from the farm to the marbled halls of Congress. The 90 days given for public comment has given all sides time to delve into the proposed changes, and provide the NOP with suggested improvements to make this addition to the organic regulation practical and meaningful.  Read more.


Midsummer financial checkup keeps your farm on track

The last thing most farmers want to do in the height of the growing season is to think about their finances. However, there are a few items of general maintenance that you can do this time of year to keep your farm operating at peak financial performance. Read more.


Diverse mix of livestock, crops helps this organic farm thrive 

I grew up on a typical Midwestern farm in the middle of the 20th century when most farms still had a diverse mix of crops and livestock, were mostly self-sufficient and provided a comfortable lifestyle for a sizable number of Americans. Diversity was just common sense. Read more.


Lean Farm profile‘Lean Farm’ partner shares six ideas for start-up success

What makes a farm successful? Ask that question to just about any farmer and, while you’ll probably get a range of opinions and answers, there will be a few core common tenants: viable finances, a manageable workload…. Read more.


Got cows? Vet’s new book offers advice for year-round health management 

Four-Seasons Organic Cow Care is an easy, interesting read for dairy farmers. Dr. Hubert Karreman covers all the aspects of cow care, from breeding to feeding and any health issue that crops up in between. Read more.


Cover crops can be ‘secret weapon’ to help vegetable farmers improve soil

Most farmers already are aware that insect, disease and weed pressure can be addressed through skillful use of cover crops. Now, think about cover crops as a way to “feed and care for your underground livestock” and you will have one more good reason to dedicate yourself to fitting cover crops into your vegetable rotations. Read more.


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