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Silvo-Hoch_Pigs clean up old raspberry patchSilvopasture works with landscape, climate to meet farming goals

Silvopasture takes its cues from an ecosystem that works with our landscape and climate, adapting form and function to accomplish agricultural goals. Read more.


UrbanOrganics_RackWithPools_LowResBusiness is booming for St. Paul-based aquaponics venture

Where once beer flowed off an assembly line, tilapia and leafy greens grow. Aquaponics facility, Urban Organics (UO) now grows thousands of pounds of fish and certified organic produce. Read more.


Spread word about benefits of organic to counter negative media stories

Each year, organic products make up a higher percentage of the food and fiber market in the United States and around the world. With success comes negative media attention…. Read more.


Do a cost assessment to decide if market is right for you

Cost of production is important in setting prices, which should differ with various markets. A price in each market should be based on the cost of production added to the cost to market, plus a margin of profit. Read more.


Resilient AgBook blends latest science on climate change with farmers’ experience

Laura Lengnick’s Resilient Agriculture includes respectable up-to-date science, compelling testimonies, and cites the changing circumstances that ought to be affecting our decision-making…. Read more.


Research No-till soy early-seasonResearch at Iowa State University shows how no-till works in organic system

On organic farms, no-tillage systems had been constrained by the prohibition of herbicides to terminate cover crops. To overcome this barrier….  Read more.


2016 Save date webPack your plaid for annual MOSES Conference

The time is coming to dust off your favorite plaid and make plans for the 27th Annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference. Read more.


Reap more rewards from your conference investment

Approaching a conference like an investment can help you make the most of game-changing suggestions, enriching connections, and big opportunities, even if you have to get right into the greenhouse or field upon your return. Read more.


Bayfield carrotsFarmers find strength marketing together in rural Northern Wisconsin

Bayfield Foods is proof that there often is great strength in collective marketing. The cooperative started when some local meat producers wanted to cross-market each other’s products…. Read more.


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Complete November | December PDF (10 MB)

  • Letter from Executive Director and Board President
  • Intensive, full-day courses offer chance to learn more about farming topics
  • MOSES expands outreach to farmers through new grant-funded projects
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