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On-farm storage opens door to market opportunities

Markets look for organic farmers who can offer high quality crops, domestic production, and scattered shipments with minimal variation. The key to access these incentives is well-managed farm storage. Read more.


Communication is key to successful farm transfer

The generational divide can seem especially wide when you’re trying to cross it to secure your farming future. If you’re in the midst of taking over a family farm, here’s some advice to help you bridge the divide for a smoother farm transition. Read more.


In time of change, step forward to advocate for sustainable, organic farming

To preserve what we’ve worked for in the organic standards and continue the expansion of organic production in this country, we need to continue to be strong advocates. Read more.


Time to update organic regulations to protect native ecosystems

The NOP’s three-year waiting period for land to be free of prohibited substances unintentionally incentivizes producers to convert native ecosystems since this land is instantly ready for organic production. Read more.


Illinois farmers, researchers, chefs join forces to build local specialty grains market

Grand Prairie Grain Guild (GPGG) project’s goal is to connect everyone involved in local food systems to create the best crop varieties, business structures, and trusting relationships to help support thriving farms and rural communities. Read more.


Young farmers work with FSA to find land tenure 

My 153-acre farm would not be what it is today without the support of the Farm Service Agency (FSA). About four years ago, my husband and I were coming to the end of an annual lease and feeling frustrated about year-to-year rental situations. Read more.


Agriculture needs sustainable ‘belowground ecology’

As evidenced by the recent presidential election, the economy is on everyone’s mind. Old binaries pitting environment against economy (a battle the environment will always lose) are back in vogue. It’s up to the sustainable agriculture community to spread the good news…. Read more.


Access new markets under cottage food laws; boost sales with improved packaging

Cottage food laws open doors to new sales opportunities for farmers by enabling us to create value-added products in our farm kitchens for public sale. Read more.


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