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corn-close-upOrganic grain buyers turn to imports to meet demand

While the demand for organic feed continues to grow, the U.S. market has seen an increase in imported organic corn and soybeans. Imports have been part of the market for a few years, but have flooded the market in the past year. Read more.


grain-shipOrganic imports hurt U.S. organic grain producers

Record import volumes of soybeans and corn for the past 18 months have had a devastating effect on U.S. organic grain farmers. Read more.


inside-organics-qr-codeNew law plays hide-and-seek with GMO labeling

On July 29, 2016, President Barack Obama signed into law a bill that requires all food packages to indicate whether or not they contain genetically modified Ingredients (GMOs). So what does this bill actually require? Not a clear on-package statement…. Read more.


4colorsealGIFNOP’s organic control system designed to protect organic integrity

As the regulatory program responsible for organic agriculture, the NOP’s primary role is protecting the integrity of the USDA organic seal and the organic standards. Read more.


Parents share concerns about getting farm work done while caring for kids

As families return to farming, more and more parents are walking that fine balance of caring for little ones while getting the necessary work done on the farm. Read more.


chicken - jessiResearch shows fishmeal improves poultry performance

Recently completed research by the Fertrell Company of Bainbridge, Penn., indicates that broiler chickens fed a ration including fishmeal grow larger and have better feed conversion than those without the nutritional supplement. Read more.


Bayfield carrotsInsiders provide tips to help farmers access farm-to-school market

Farm-to-school can be a good market for vegetable growers, orchards and value-added producers. These insights can help you get started. Read more.


FFFcover for webCreate enterprise budget to see what’s providing profits to your farm

As you’re working, do you wonder if what you are harvesting or collecting makes a profit? The best way to determine profitability of a specific crop or livestock operation is to develop an enterprise budget. Read more.


rwpWomen find support, ideas through Rural Women’s Project

Women make up one of the fastest growing groups of new farmers overall, particularly launching smaller-scale and diversified operations. Our Rural Women’s Project is a year-round venture providing training, resources and networking specifically for women. Read more.


ron-jost-tractorFarmer-veterans connect to share production ideas, resources

Ron Jost got in over his head. When he came back from Afghanistan for the last time in December 2014, the former cop and Army intelligence analyst put together a plan for his next career. His father wanted to retire from working the family’s Cleveland, Wisconsin farm…. Read more.


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