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Agroecologists focus on soil health to improve production

Can food production and the greater benefits of ecological services (nutrient cycling, maintaining or enhancing water quality habitat for fish and wildlife, etc.) co-exist, even on the same parcel of land? Read more.


Accountability, environment, health among top reasons for choosing organic foods

I advise consumers to make a wise investment in organic food, and encourage farmers to share these reasons with consumers.
Read more.


Should we achieve organic integrity through flexibility or consistency?

We must have consistency in what is allowed. The rules should cover all aspects of the organic production, no matter what system is being certified. Read more.


Interseeding cover crops in cash crops shows promise

Farmers are looking to interseed cover crops into cash crops. This promising management alternative lets farmers use a more diverse selection of cover crops in their cash crop rotations than would otherwise be possible in the short growing season remaining after the cash crop harvest. Read more.


Mentor program gives farmer confidence to raise pastured pigs

The MOSES Farmer-to-Farmer Mentoring Program has proven to be more than just impactful at the farm level for Dayna Burtness, who owns Nettle Valley Farm in Spring Grove, Minn., with her husband, Nick. Read more.


Consider location, layout, materials, more when designing efficient pack shed

Pack-shed design is just as important as laying out our farms’ fields, field roads, headlands, and annual crop plans. Good pack-shed design takes into consideration flow of product, surfaces, and material handling. Read more.


Select right meat processor for best finish of your specialty meat product

Meat producers must engage with another business in order to sell their product. The buying experience and the final product that ends up in the customer’s freezer is influenced as much by the processor as the farmer. A strong partnership between the farmer and the processor is essential for success. Read more.


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