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Central Illinois co-op bridges the gap between farmers, institutional buyers

Central Illinois is known as the epicenter of Big Ag—and it’s also the location of a budding food co-op that is challenging everything that Big Ag stands for. Mt. Pulaski’s FarmFED Co-op is setting out to build a more prosperous future for the region’s farmers and a healthier, more resilient community—and they’re doing it all through the power of good food. Read more.


Building a Grade A Dairy through a second MOSES mentorship

Cella Langer and Emmet Fisher of Oxheart Farm always knew they wanted to have a dairy as part of their farm, but they also knew they’d need more support before they were ready. The Land Stewardship Project’s Farm Beginnings Program and MOSES’ farmertofarmer mentor program helped set them up for success. Hear their story and find out how these programs can support your farm goals. Read more.


Crop insurance rules challenge organic and sustainable farming practices 

Adopting organic and sustainable farming practices shouldn’t put farmers and ranchers at odds with their federal crop insurance. Unfortunately, that is the impact when the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation’s definition of Good Farming Practices is considered only in relation to yield. Agricultural Economist, Jeff Schahzenski, shares ideas for a better way forward. Read more.


new resource helps organic farmers understand the economics of growing seed  

Organic Seed Alliance has partnered with agricultural economists at Highland Economics to compile new online toolkit designed to support organic seed growers and seed enterprises. From budgeting spreadsheets to inventory management and foundation and stock seed planning, this toolkit is the first of its kind. Read more.


Call to Action: ainterview with Tiffany LaShae and KaZoua Berry 

KaZoua Berry is the Farmer Education Manager at Big River Farms. In this deeply personal and beautiful interview with Tiffany LaShaeMOSES’ In Her Boots Coordinator, Berry weaves her life story as a refugee, a woman, and a farmer of color with the wider context of organic and nonprofit farming in the Midwest. Read more.


States and the OFA urge grain farmers to act on Pipeline Food claims 

When Pipeline Foods filed for bankruptcy on July 8, 2021, the organic and non-GMO grain buyer left liabilities topping $143 million. If you are a grain farmer who was selling to Pipeline Foods and have unpaid invoices, this article shares resources and steps you can take right now to protect yourself. Read more.



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  • Executive order extends ‘Right to Repair’ to farm equipment 
  • To fight climate change, support smart farming 
  • One step forward, two steps back 
  • Are children, agricultural workers, and the food supply safe with the EPA’s chlorpyrifos decision? 
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