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Organic dairy, like conventional, facing tough times

With another year of depressed farmgate milk prices looming on the horizon, and several dozen dairy farmers having their worlds turned upside down when told they no longer had a buyer for their milk, many dairy farmers have felt their burning desire for change turn into a raging fire. Read more.


Growing for wholesale accounts creates efficiencies for small-scale vegetable farm

When starting a vegetable farm, farmers first need to consider where they intend to sell their produce. Most new farmers set their sights on direct-to-consumer markets, but this farmer has found wholesale is the way to go.  Read more.


2018 not year for big improvements in Farm Bill

It’s time for a reality check: 2018 will not be the year for a “revolutionary” Farm Bill. As much as we would like to see significant changes, it’s just not going to happen in this Congress and in this current economic climate.  Read more.


Organic farmers form ‘Real Organic Project’ to ensure strong standards

Many organic farmers are becoming increasingly concerned about the growing erosion of organic standards and the rising influence of big business in organics.  Read more.


Research shows wild pollinators’ impact on strawberry production

The UMN Fruit Research team has been developing an organic strawberry production system that extends the Midwest strawberry harvest from a few weeks in June to the entire growing season. In this research, we added functional biodiversity by planting an attractive floral resource to recruit wild pollinators. Read more.


Holistic approach to farm chores keeps women’s bodies strong longer

As we jump into the thick of the busy summer farming season and the daily to-do list is long, it’s easy to lose sight of our most important tool: ourselves. Prioritizing body care and approaching tool and machinery use in a pro-active manner reaps benefits way beyond our farm’s bottom line.  Read more.


National agriculture coalition works to create socially just organization

There is one central tenant of sustainable agriculture that may be its saving grace: Biodiversity. It’s what safeguards against widespread crop failure caused by disease, pests and natural disasters. Just as biodiversity strengthens ecosystems, human diversity, as supported through social justice, strengthens communities…  Read more.


These easy-care flowers offer burst of color to CSA boxes, market stands

At this year’s MOSES Conference workshop on growing and marketing flowers, many farmers asked about easy-to-grow flowers that would add value to a veggie CSA or farmers market stall. Realizing other farmers would like to know about those, too, I’ve compiled a list of easy-care, beautiful blooms to add to your mix.  Read more.


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