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Organic Farmers of Year dedicated to soil-building, healing with herbs

Jane and David own Four Elements Organic Herbals, a 130-acre farm in North Freedom, Wisconsin, about an hour northwest of Madison. They’re committed to good stewardship of their land, quality of life for their employees, and improved health for their customers. Read more.


Soul Fire Farm founder talks farming strategy, vision for future of food movement

Leah Penniman presents the Friday keynote, “Uprooting Racism; Seeding Sovereignty” at this year’s MOSES Organic Farming Conference. She recently talked about her farm, her experiences, and some exciting changes she’s collaborating on in the organic farming movement. Read more.


Real Organic Project add-on label helps farmers show organic values

There has been growing dismay in recent years over erosion of the integrity of the National Organic Program. The Real Organic Project was created in 2018 to address this crisis. Read more.



Distillery partners with farmers to grow heirloom grains for spirits

“There really is a future for farmers in distillery grains, and no one has really shone a light on that yet,” said La Crosse Distilling co-owner Nick Weber. He and his business partner, Chad Staehly, decided to buy local, organic grain for their spirits from the very beginning. Read more.


Farmers tell buyers their concerns, vision for organic marketplace

At the Organic & Non-GMO Forum in Minneapolis in October, a panel of organic grain producers shared their stories to help the grain buyers and food manufacturers at the event understand why organic farmers have a multi-crop rotation and need a market for everything they grow, not just corn and soybeans. Read more.


Farmers, researchers team up to trial potato varieties for organic production

Farmers across the region teamed up with Ruth Genger from the University of Wisconsin between 2014 and 2018 to trial production of high-quality organic seed potatoes, and to learn about and engage in the on-farm selection of potato breeding lines from true potato seeds. Read more.


Carving out time for family, social life helps farmer create work-life balance

I don’t claim to be an expert on work-life balance. But, by constraining the number of hours we work on the farm each day, we force ourselves to be focused and to make the most of our peak productivity hours. We’ve also made a conscious effort to engage in activities that have nothing to do with the farm. Read more.


Grants-advising program can help farmers accomplish business goals

Farmers need a broad skill set. From animal caretaker to agronomist, marketer to veterinarian, we wear our fair share of hats. One role that rarely comes to mind for most, though, is grant writer. Read more.


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