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Growing demand for organic corn, soybeans creates opportunities for U.S. farmers

U.S. farmers looking for a profitable opportunity in a rapidly developing market need not look any further than their own backyard—if they can produce organic soybeans or corn. Read more.


Fall-planted cover crops build soil health, protect fields from erosion in winter

Cover crops can work in nearly every crop rotation and farming system in the Upper Midwest, but are especially well suited to organic systems where crop diversity and rotations are more complex and provide more windows of opportunity to successfully integrate cover crops. Read more.


Farmers, consumers must work together to restore economic justice to organic dairy

Even if you are not milking cows, the integrity of organic dairy products should be important to you—not only as an organic consumer, but also because of the economic impact dairy has on the organic sector. After produce, dairy is the second-largest industry sector, and directly impacts many other workers and businesses. Read more.


Pasture walks lead to grazing success in the field

By seeing each other’s farms, participants in grazing networks gain the confidence and support to try new things at home. Read more.



Experts offer advice to help farmers deal with stress of farming

This summer, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed an error in its widely cited 2016 report that ranked the suicide rate among farmers as the highest of any occupation in the country. But, any rate of suicide among farmers, ranchers, or farm workers is too high. The positive side of all this attention is that it has people talking about the issues that lead to suicide and ways to help farmers cope with the stress of farming. Read more.



Farmers offer tips to help others start on-farm food service

The growing interest in on-farm, agritourism experiences combined with consumer enthusiasm for local foods have fueled growth in dinner-on-the-farm ventures. Read more.



Couple crafts farm transfer plan that lets them live out their lives on farm

Mariénne Kreitlow and her husband, Jerry Ford, have set up a plan that lets them live out their lives on the farm that has been in the Kreitlow family since 1898. This farm transfer plan protects their land and keeps it in farming. Read more.


Gabe Brown details his groundbreaking soil-building practices in new book

Necessity is the mother of invention. Nowhere is that truer than in the life of Brown’s Ranch near Bismarck, N.D., where Gabe Brown and his family are literally reshaping the future of agriculture. Read more.


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  • Letter from the executive director:  Field days add to farmer education
  • Ask a Specialist:  I’m new to organic. How do I eliminate weeds in my soybean field? There are a lot of weeds!
  • Ask a Specialist:  What should I know before I plant hybrid winter rye?
  • MOSES expands team of organic specialists to answer farmers’ questions
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