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Communities draw on strengths to build local food networks

Money generated by farming tends to go elsewhere rather than staying within a community. Farmers and consumers who feel alienated by the status quo are exploring ways to develop food systems that are healthy, equitable, and just. Read more.



Land trusts, easements improve land access for new farmers 

As land protection organizations, land trusts are well-positioned to support farmland access, community conservation, and land tenure needs. They can assist with estate and farm succession planning, and access to state and federal funds that can be used toward purchasing development rights and conservation easements. Read more.


Boost regenerative farming movement by cultivating social field 

If we want to grow a diverse, regenerative agricultural landscape that benefits everyone, we need to adopt regenerative practices beyond our farm fields and into the social field, where we interact with familiar and unfamiliar communities. Getting change in the community begins with change in ourselves. Read more.


Women farmers develop business from shared interest in tanning hides naturally

Brandi Bonde, Danielle Dockery, and I all live on small farms in the northwestern corner of Green County, Wisconsin. The three of us raise our own animals because we don’t agree with the corporate model of meat production. Read more.


Research progresses on tomato varieties for organic production in Upper Midwest

The Upper Midwest is home to a large community of organic fresh-market vegetable farmers, and breeding vegetables that are adapted for the local conditions and requirements has become a critical need for them. Read more.


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