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Board of Directors announces leadership change

By Audrey Alwell, MOSES Communications Director

Earlier this month, after much deliberation, the MOSES Board of Directors ended John Mesko’s tenure with MOSES.

“The MOSES Board recognized the need for a leadership shift to move MOSES forward in line with its mission, vision, and values,” said David Perkins, Board President. The Board has tapped Program Director Lauren Langworthy to be the Interim Executive Director.

Langworthy has been with MOSES four years. She has been deeply involved in all aspects of the organization’s work, especially the annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference.

“We’re confident in her abilities to assume the leadership role,” Perkins said.

Langworthy and her husband, Caleb, own a 153-acre grass-based farm in Wheeler, Wis. They rotationally graze a 200-ewe flock of sheep and a small herd of Highland cattle. Prior to investing in livestock, they had a certified organic vegetable operation for six years, marketed through wholesale accounts and direct-to-consumer.

In 2017, the Langworthys were selected as the state representatives to the Farmers Union Enterprises leader development program, a one-year training to cultivate new leadership for the organization. In 2018, Lauren was elected to represent her district on the board of the Wisconsin Farmers Union for a three-year term.

Langworthy has represented the MOSES community of farmers at multiple meetings in Washington D.C., and takes a keen interest in policies that advance organic and regenerative farming. She is also engaged in graduate studies pertaining to nonprofit management and board governance.

“I’m looking forward to continued work with our partners in the organic and sustainable farming community to encourage farmers’ success,” she said.

Perkins also expressed confidence in the full MOSES staff.

“We are fortunate to have 10 very talented staff members who are dedicated to the organization’s mission,” he said. “Their skills ensure MOSES continues to be a vital organization helping to shape a better future for farmers.”


From the March | April 2019 Issue

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