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Community works on collective vision of organic future

By Lauren Langworthy, MOSES

More than 100 changemakers joined forces to create a path forward for organic farming into the year 2050 and beyond during Organic 2051, a forum held in conjunction with the 2019 MOSES Organic Farming Conference in La Crosse, Wis.

Through dialogue, facilitation, and art, these community members shared how they want our food systems to evolve to support the world’s population as it grows past the year 2050, when it’s expected to reach 9.8 billion. Small groups worked together to define gaps, brainstorm resources, and develop action steps.

“Organic 2051 was emblematic of what MOSES does every year, at every event and conversation­—tap the wisdom, energy, and ideas of the crowd,” said Sylvia Burgos Toftness, one of the forum participants. “Farmers and ranchers, policy makers, economists, marketers, and consumer advocates put their heads together over thorny and complex challenges. They identified key opportunities, drilled down to the major obstacles, and worked to express possible strategies.”

Former board member and long-time farmer friend of MOSES, Audrey Arner acted as facilitator for the day. Groups gathered into 15 issue areas, including climate change, rural community revitalization, market infrastructure, and more.

At the end of the day, many people shared that they appreciated the space and facilitation to express and hear diverse perspectives on these topics.

The illustrations on this page and the front page show some of the work that happened at the forum. The Organic 2051 website,, has links to all of the groups’ original worksheets, which MOSES staff is organizing into a road map for the organic community to move forward. We’ll keep you updated as we move forward with this project.

As participants mull their conversations from the forum, and as those conversations and information spread throughout our community, we hope that everyone will find places where their skills, talents, knowledge, and networks fit into the grand vision. None of us can do this work alone­—the community is stronger when we all leverage our unique capabilities.

The shared vision of a better future for agriculture and our food systems that we developed at Organic 2051 is very powerful. Together, the long-standing MOSES community—and the new partnerships we have yet to cultivate—have the power to create lasting and impactful change.

Lauren Langworthy is the Interim Executive Director of MOSES.



From the March | April 2019 Issue

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