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The monthly Organic Link provides news about resources, events, research and funding opportunities related to organic and sustainable farming. You can read recent editions here, or sign up to receive the Organic Link by email. Click the “Sign Up” button to the right.

Current edition:

January 2018

MOSES Organic Farming Conference
Chicago Ag Club
Organic Livestock & Poultry Rule
Certification Cost Share
OGRAIN Winter Conference
Organic Seed Conference
Emerging Farmers Conference
Recordkeeping Workbook
Lakewinds Organic Field Fund
Beginning Farmers Webinar
Humane Farming Mentorship
Grow Food Film

Recent editions:

December 2017

MOSES 2018: Early Bird Registration
Scholarships for Livestock, Poultry Farmers
Call for Research Posters
StoryCorps at MOSES 2018
New Farmer U
Farm Finances Workshop
Food Safety Workshop
National Young Farmer Survey Results
Online Conference for Beginning Farmers
Guide to Soil Health, Water & Climate Change
Pesticide Drift Resource
Farm Law Workshop
Growing Organic Video Series

November 2017

Organic University
Opportunities with MOSES
Organic Transition Workshop
New Farmer U
MOSES 2018
MOSES Farmer-to-Farmer Mentoring Program
Farm Finances Workshops
Food Safety Workshops
Online Beginning Farmer Course
Iowa Organic Conference
Feast! Tradeshow and Local Food Marketplace
Farm Training for Veterans
SARE Organic Production Resource
Organic Crop Budgeting Tool for Grain Production
Spring-Seeded Brassica Cover Crops Report
2018 Farm Bill Platform
Small-Scale Poultry Processing Publication
Federal Organic Project Grants

October 2017

Opportunities with MOSES
Organic Transition Workshop
Cover Crops Field Day
Farm Finances Workshop
Food Safety Workshops
New Farmer U
Online Course on Farm Finances
MOSES 2018
Call for Research Posters
Mentor Program
Organic & Non-GMO Forum
Certified Organic Survey Results
NOSB Meeting
National Organic Program Leadership Change
Regenerative Organic Certification
Specialty Crop Growers Survey
Grant for Livestock & Poultry Farmers
Small Grains Cost Share
Soil Study
In Her Boots Podcast
Women, Food & Agriculture Network Conference


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