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The monthly Organic Link provides news about resources, events, research and funding opportunities related to organic and sustainable farming. You can read recent editions here, or sign up to receive the Organic Link by email. Click the “Sign Up” button to the right.

Current edition:

April 2016

NOSB Meeting, Nominations
Certified Organic Survey
Cover Crop Survey
Conservation Training for Women Landowners
Dairy Training Program
Group GAP Certification
Local Food Systems
Farm Transition Program
Free CSA App
CSA Directories
Farm Photos
Amazon Smile

Recent editions:

March 2016

MOSES Conference Highlights
2016 Organic Farmers of the Year
Cover Crops
Keeping Children Safe on Farms
Conservation Payments for Organic Field Buffers
CSP Application Deadline
Survey on Manure Use & Food Safety
Higher Omega-3 in Organic Milk, Meat

February 2016

MOSES Conference Update
Scholarships for Livestock Farmers
Whole Farm Revenue Protection
National Organic Survey
Organic Transition Cost Share
Minnesota Value Added Grants
Sound and Sensible Resources
USDA Conservation Guidelines
GAPS Handbook
Organic Antimicrobial Wash

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