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The monthly Organic Link provides news about resources, events, research and funding opportunities related to organic and sustainable farming. You can read recent editions here, or sign up to receive the Organic Link by email. Click the “Sign Up” button to the right.

Current edition:

June 2017

“Organic Farm” Signs
Organic Farmer of Year Nominations
In Her Boots Podcast
MOSES Field Days
Free Admission to MOSES 2018 (Photo Contest)
Animal Welfare Rule
Organic Industry Survey
Industrial Hemp Survey
Organic & Non-GMO Forum
Farm Transitions Discussion Group
Report on Diversified Crop Rotations
Guides to Soil Health and More
Field Day Toolkit
Guides to Disease Management in Small Fruits
Diagnostic Tools for Plant Problems


Recent editions:

May 2017

MOSES Field Days
MOSES 2018 Workshop Suggestions
MOSES Staff Changes
Certification Cost Share Program
Transition Cost Share Revision
Report on Transitioning Farmers
2017 Farm Program Funding
National Grain & Oilseed Forum
Seed Sharing Site
Cover Crop Survey
Minnesota Farm Link
Pasture Rental Fact Sheet
Farm Transition Listserv
Tiny Crop Report

April 2017

MOSES Conference Keynotes on YouTube
Finance Book Update
Farm Production Recordkeeping Workbook
Dave Engel Memorial
NOSB Comment Webinar
Organic Check-Off Comment Deadline
Minneapolis Ag Club Talk
Cover Crop Research Project
Local Food Resources
Production Contracts
Results of Sunset Review
Guide to Federal Programs for Farmers
On-Farm Research Guide
National Pesticide Forum
Solar Power on Farms
Wisconsin Organic Advisory Council
Specialty Crop Report
Sustainable Farming Podcasts


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