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The monthly Organic Link provides news about resources, events, research and funding opportunities related to organic and sustainable farming. You can read recent editions here, or sign up to receive the Organic Link by email. Click the “Sign Up” button to the right.

Current edition:

October 2015

Job Opening at MOSES
Farm Photos at MOSES Conference
Fund-a-Farmer Grants
USDA Organic Survey Results
Crop Insurance
New Non-GMO Market Report
FSMA Rules
National Organic Standards Board
Hydroponic, Aquaponic Task Force
Organic Transition Business Planner
Grazing Champions Program
Organic Farm Profiles
Global Movement for Seed Freedom
Farm Law Resources
Minnesota Farm Link
Poultry Resources
National Farm to School Month


Recent editions:

September 2015

Upcoming Field Days
Conference Photo Contest
Organic Farming Award
Certification Cost Share
National Survey of Organic Farmers
Cover Crop Resources
Sustainable Farming Grants
Carbon Restoration
Water Quality Comparison
Bacteria in Beef
GMOs, Herbicides, Public Health

August 2015

Save the date
Photo contest
2016 MOSES Organic Farmer of the Year
Field Days
New Organic Specialist
National survey of organic farmers
Conservation Reserve Program
CRP-Grasslands Initiative
Cover Crop Survey Report
Grants for farmers, ranchers
Farm storage facility loans
Podcasts for Legal Issues for Farms
Mother Earth News Fair
Events to help you grow

June 2015

MOSES Organic Field Days Start Next Week
Organic Check-Off Proposals
2016 MOSES Organic Farmer of the Year
Mentoring Program
New Office and Events Manager
Mother Earth News Fair
Pollinator Report
Organic Profitability
Food Safety Decision Tools
Prescribed Grazing
Selling to Restaurants
Cover Crops Chart
NRCS Online
Grass-Fed Lamb Report

May 2015

MOSES Organic Field Days
2016 MOSES Organic Farmer of the Year
Conference audio recordings
NOSB meeting results
Certification cost-share
Extended approval of 2,4-D herbicide
Origin of Livestock
Organic Check-Off
Value-Added Grants
Online GAP courses
Farming Podcasts
New Fact Sheet
No-Spray Signs
Restaurant Alma fundraiser for MOSES
Mother Earth News Fair

April 2015

Workshops for women landowners
Vacancies on organic standards board
Webinars on organic topics
FSMA facility rule clarification
Cover crop survey
Comment period for GMO coexistence
Tomato, zucchini seed breeding
Whole farm insurance survey
Free soil testing
Restaurant Alma fundraising for MOSES
Growth of organic
Infographic about organic growth
Wedge selling Gardens of Eagan
Farming podcasts
Foreign service opportunities

March 2015

Comment on organic inputs
MOSES Conference notes
Comment on organic, GMO coexistence
Organic research report
Report on organic production in Wisconsin
Organic soil samples needed
Hydroponics, aquaponics task force
Workshops for women landowners
Food safety act meeting
Survey of organic consumers
Consumer Reports recommends organic produce



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