Nikki and Vanessa

Nikki and Vanessa could feel the fears and doubts mounting. Extreme weather added to their stress. Was their dream of an organic orchard becoming “pie in the sky” or could they somehow make it real?

212HeraldLennartAppleShifting careers is nerve-wracking, but trying to figure out how to start an organic farm was overwhelming. Even with a combined 15 years of agriculture, education and food policy experience, they were finding the transition to owning a working farm a tough row to hoe.

Nikki says she found inspiration to start farming at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference.  Today they are looking for land suitable for grazing and installing an orchard so they can make their dreams of going organic come true.

MOSES assists new and experienced farmers to navigate the increasingly complex issues facing agriculture today: low prices, confusing government policies, concerns over loss of soil and water, and sophisticated consumer demands. Until recently, farmers taught their children to farm well on their special piece of earth. Today a growing percentage of our farmers are aging and retiring off-farm—and their kids are living in cities.

Who will grow our food? Surprisingly, it might not be the guy in the seed cap many of us picture when we think “farmer.” Over 50% of rural land is now owned by women, and young people are taking a renewed interest in sustainable farming. These new farmers need our support. Nikki explains: “Attending MOSES events was just the shot of inspiration we needed. Being around other people committed to sustainable and organic agriculture helped us feel more connected to a larger, collaborative community. I now know others to call on for support and advice to keep us on the path to our farming dream.”

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