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Carl and Doris (Blaine) Glanzman stood by the window and watched as their family farm was washing away. Read more here.



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Shifting careers is nerve-wracking, but trying to figure out how to start an organic farm was overwhelming. Read more here.


“I have been very impressed with the support and high level of service I have received from this organization. Everyone I have spoken to has been super knowledgeable and friendly. As a new farmer just starting out I have been humbled and overwhelmed by all there is to learn but the staff at MOSES have been instrumental in helping me get started.

Their yearly conference in La Crosse, Wis. is amazing! Full of great workshops and networking opportunities with all types of growing lovers, from enthusiastic organic gardeners to the big boys with thousands of acres of production, along with hundreds of amazing vendors.

I look forward to continuing to tap into the wealth of knowledge offered by the staff at MOSES and would encourage anyone who shares an interest in organic, sustainable food production to check them out.”  -Michelle Opel, Fox Ridge Growers


“I love the old Chinese proverb that speaks to how we learn best: “Tell me, I’ll forget, Show me, I’ll remember. Involve me, I’ll understand.” There is no university or college or school of any sort that I know of in this country where a prospective farmer could “school” to learn what he/she needs. Yes, academic courses are helpful. And conferences, workshops, trade shows and field trips are valuable and almost indispensable. But mentoring, at least from what I have experienced this past year, is designed to cover the weak spots, the blanks, the unknown in the background of new farmers, or those venturing into a new area, such as organics or berry specialization.

“Involve me” comes close to the best of MOSES mentoring program, especially when mentored farmers take the opportunity to get involved with the mentor in those specific areas where they have the greatest needs. MOSES has a prerequisite for a few years of growing experience for prospective mentored farmers. That’s very appropriate because with that experience “under their belt” they will have more clearly identified areas of deficiencies and needs – thus making their mentoring experience more focused and valuable. Learning is never as effective as when there is a clear need for it, like food never tastes as good as when we are hungry and in need of it. I very much treasure MOSES for all it is, and want to help where possible. I have signed up to help a new farmer this coming season. Thanks.” -Paul, a berry farmer from Minnesota



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