In Remembrance

Jerry Brunetti

Dec. 20, 2014

Jerry was a nationally recognized leader in the movement for organic and sustainable farming. He was a frequent speaker at conferences, talking about the strong link between healthy soil, truly nutritious food, profitable farming and healthy communities.

Jerry was born Dec. 28, 1950 in Easton, Penn. He studied Animal Science at North Carolina State University and then moved to western Virginia to run a cow/calf operation. He served as Regional Dairy Director of the National Famers Organization in the Northeast. In 1979, he founded Agri-Dynamics, a business devoted to providing products and services for farmers practicing ecological and sustainable stewardship towards the earth. Jerry was active in community-based organizations devoted to rebuilding local food systems and local democracy.  Jerry’s articles and DVDs on farming, land stewardship and the environment were widely published. His latest book, The Farm as Ecosystem, was published in 2013.

He was a familiar face at the annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference, staffing the Agri-Dynamics booth and attending workshops. He presented a workshop on livestock health in 1999. He’s pictured here at a MOSES Organic Field Day in 2010.

Read his obituary.

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