Chris Blanchard

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Oct. 28, 2018


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Chris Blanchard had a lot to say about how a market farm should operate, and shared this wisdom through his Farmer to Farmer Podcast, his consulting business, and his frequent workshop presentations.

He spoke from personal experience—he owned and operated Rock Spring Farm near Decorah, Iowa, for 13 years, growing 20 acres of vegetables, herbs, and greenhouse crops, marketed through CSA, food stores, and farmers markets. He created a consulting business, Purple Pitchfork, to share his knowledge with other farmers, which offered him the chance to indulge in a wardrobe of his favorite color, purple.

Over the years, his workshops and writing (including pieces for the Organic Broadcaster) about farm business concepts, food safety, organic vegetable production, and scaling-up earned him a reputation for down-to-earth information and honesty—with his signature fast speech, he packed a lot of wisdom into a 90-minute presentation!

Chris served on the board at MOSES from 2000 to 2011, and helped guide the organization’s growth. For many years, he coordinated workshops for the MOSES Conference and served as the conference co-director with founder Faye Jones. Later, as a consultant for MOSES, he helped develop systems for recordkeeping and organizing data so our team could work together efficiently.

When he realized he wasn’t going to win his 3-year battle with cancer, he and his wife, Angie Sullivan—also a former MOSES teammate—reached out to continue his teaching legacy by creating a fund to send farmers to the annual MOSES Organic Farming Conference. You can honor Chris’s memory by donating to this fund. All donations go directly to awarding farmers scholarships to the conference.


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