Why Donate?

Farmers rely on MOSES for education, resources, and expertise—the “tools” they need to succeed in organic and sustainable farming. MOSES relies on people like you to help fund these tools.

Here’s what your donation supports:

The Organic Answer Line, staffed by specialists who answer farmers’ questions

The Organic Broadcaster newspaper with research updates and production how-tos, plus the monthly Organic Link enews—both distributed free to more than 15,000 readers

On-farm field days to showcase best practices on thriving organic farms

Farmer-to-Farmer Mentoring to boost new farmers’ understanding of organic practices

Farm policy advocacy at the local, state and national levels, where MOSES provides the voice for organic and sustainable farmers

The MOSES Organic Farming Conference where farmers learn to grow using proven organic and sustainable farming methods

 MOSES website which offers a bounty of production-focused content

Plus all this:
Guidebook for Organic Certification
Upper Midwest Organic Resource Directory
Fearless Farm Finances book & blog
Rural Women’s Project
New Organic Stewards
Organic Research Forum
Organic Fact Sheets
Land Link-Up & Online Organic Classifieds


Sales of organic food have reached a record high. Yet, even with this robust demand, only a fraction of our country’s farms grow organic.

Before farmers will make the switch to organic, they need to know how to make it work on their farms—they won’t switch without education and support. Those who do transition need guidance to stay the course. And, even long-time organic growers need peer support and updates about research and successes on other farms.

MOSES provides that education, guidance, and support. Through the country’s largest organic farming conference, field days, the Organic Broadcaster newspaper, and more, MOSES empowers farmers to succeed in organic and sustainable farming.

MOSES relies on individuals who care about the food they eat and the way it’s grown—people like you.


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