Good News about Organic

There are many misconceptions about organic farming. As members of the organic farming community, we are in a position to explain the benefits of organic to others. This webpage can help you spread the good news about organic farming based on researched facts.


Facts about Organic Agriculture (PDF)

Organic Farming CAN Feed the World (PDF)

What You Should Be Saying About Organic Farming (PDF)




Talking points:

  • Organic agriculture can feed the world.
  • Organic farmers do not use toxic and persistent synthetic pesticides.
  • Organic foods have fewer and much lower pesticide residue levels.
  • Organic food is worth the higher price.
  • Organic farmers protect our environment.
  • Organic food can be more nutrient-dense and higher in antioxidants.
  • Organic agriculture has rigorous and verified standards of production.
  • Organic foods are the fastest-growing segment of the grocery store.
  • Organic farms are more economically sustainable.
  • Organic farms are more drought-resistant.

The scientific evidence for these statements is in the PDFs (top of page). Please help us spread good news about organic.


Resources for more good news:

University of Wisconsin Extension — Why Eat Organic Webinar and Handout (PDF)

Rodale — Why the Organic Haters are Dead Wrong

Organic Consumers Association — Why We Should All Eat More Organic Food and Ten Reasons to Buy Organic

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